LOVE: Introducing our Month of Love!

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Perhaps you will have noticed a proliferation of all things inspired by love at CONTENT, of late? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but instead of limiting it to the one day, this year we have decided we need a whole month to explore this four letter word.

We are dedicating February to celebrating the universal language known to mankind and its utmost primordial need: love. To lead a life of fulfillment and health, to love and to be loved is top of everyone’s wish list – especially at this time of year. Health-wise, not only does romance make you feel good, but experts prove that it can positively affect our health and wellbeing too. Being in love may lead to a stronger immune system, a healthier heart and a longer life.

Many times in this stress-prone world, we let negative emotions get the best of us and we easily forget about being kind to others and to ourselves. So this month, we reflect on our favourite four letter word and its place in modern times. In the magazine, we look at how the definition of love and dating has changed through the ages. Through the help of our experts, we also explore the notion of all sorts of love: may it be romantic, sensual, unconditional or driven by kindness, and how we can indulge in these, be it by showing someone we care through some thoughtful gift or act of kindness or by giving ourselves the attention and care that we deserve.

On our Facebook page, we also have some very special surprises in store throughout the month that you will LOVE – more info coming soon. Join us by clicking on the link below – you don’t want to miss out! Oh and did we mention it’s also our sixth birthday? So there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this month! In the meantime make sure you check out our gift ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts, the new Tata Harper Love Potion and fantastic offers here and here. And don’t forget our new monthly limited edition kit launch in a week or so, which of course will be LOVE themed this month.