Lotus Wei – Trust Your Instincts and Pick a Flower Remedy

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Trust your instincts. Choose the flower you are most drawn to from Lotus Wei and read the guide below. This is the elixir or mist most suited to you now. This may change from time to time. Choose again when you feel the need!

1. Chandelier Succulent
Experience more unwavering determination and momentum; sense of foundation; energy to move through blocks; knowing you have what it takes. Chandelier Succulent flower essence is found in Inspired Action.

2. African Daisy
Experience more joyful humility, recognition of what you special talents are; clarification of life’s path; playfulness, not taking life so seriously. African Daisy flower essence is found in Joy Juice.

3. Chocolate Flower
Experience more cheerfulness, light-heartedness, easy-going nature; finding the simplest way to do things; fun, laughter, energy, ease. Chocolate flower essence is found in Joy Juice.

4. Arctic Lupine
Experience more calm, comfort, peacefulness; sense of safety, protection, and family; effortlessness and strength to move through any of life’s challenges. Arctic Lupine is found in Inner Peace.

5. Silk Floss Flower
Experience more confidence, calm, feeling centered; fullest self-expression and feeling really comfortable with who you are. Silk Floss flower essence is found in Inner Peace.

6. Mountain Laurel
Magnifies letting it all hang out and feeling totally comfortable; feeling embraced and supported by life; recognition of your greatness in the world; sense of letting go, feeling free. Mountain Laurel flower essence is found in Inner Peace.

7. Hawkweed
Experience more clarity and self-sufficiency; in relationships, dissolves neediness or any non-constructive wanting or desire, giving way for unconditional love for oneself and others. Found in Infinite Love.

8. Hong Kong Orchid
Experience more self-love and appreciation, which enhances the ability to love others; fearless self-expression; being yourself. Hong Kong Orchid essence is found in Infinite Love.

9. Jade Succulent
Experience being more powerful in the world; expansion of your chi energy; vitality; being clear about what you want and making it happen. Found in Pure Energy.

10. Bird of Paradise
Experience more quietness of mind; bring energy from head into the heart; cut through monkey mind or tendency to over-think; enhance feeling connected to others. Found in Quiet Mind.

11. Passionflower
Experience peace, rest, comfort, and the ability to take breaks; natural unraveling of challenges through rest; sleep soundly; awareness of abundance and spiritual connection. Passionflower essence is found in Quiet Mind.

12. Red Bird of Paradise
Magnifies motivation, drive, ‘get it done’ attitude; energy, vitality, stamina; ability to stay focused consistently until completion of project. Red Bird of Paradise found in Inspired Action.

13. Yarrow
Magnifies revitalization of body and mind after computer/cell phone use, air travel, x-rays, radiation, or over saturation of energies due to city living or being around a lot of people; restoring the body’s natural energy. Found in Pure Energy.

14. Red Clover
Magnifies willingness to perceive others’ emotions without being affected by them; empathy, yet steady calm and fearlessness; compassion. Found in Pure Energy.

15. Pomegranate
Magnifies gentle cleansing of the body and mind; protection; balancing of reproductive organs; creative self-expression. Found in Pure Energy.

16. Datura
Experience more calm, centeredness, balance; allow life’s challenges to transform you in a positive way and build strength and resiliency. Datura flower essence is found in Quiet Mind.

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