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To help you kick off 2015 in true Content style, we’ve put together a post-festive season collection of our favourite things to help you get your body, skin and mind off to a good start this New Year. So whether you’re feeling a little worse for wear after a few too many glasses of mulled wine or if you’ve simply made it your mission to make this year your healthiest yet, the Content New Year Collection has got you covered! Whilst how you choose to use the collection is completely up to you, below we have devised a recommended way of use to help you make the most out of the #GreenBeauty goodies inside…

First up,  brew yourself a cup of Content Cleanse Tea to fire up digestion and start your day clean. Featuring an organic blend of anti-inflammatory meadowsweet and elderflower, liver and digestion supporting cornflower and antioxidant and immune boosting cleavers, lemon verbena and lemon peel, this detox promoting tonic has been blended by our resident Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist Jennifer Derham. Lovingly crafted from an amalgamation of some of nature’s most potent plant detoxifiers, this Winter warmer comes in its full size packaging (50g) so you can enjoy it all January long.

Whilst sipping away, plan your year ahead by getting everything that’s bugging you out on the table. To help you do just this, we’ve included Mapologies What’s Bugging You map that features a seven step life coaching exercise to help you figure out the best call of action to combat any of life’s problems, big and small (all of us here at Content HQ have been making use of this clever and useful tool and are serious fans!) With your worries off your chest and your year planned now it’s on to your morning workout. For Winter workout ideas click here.

After your morning workout is done and dusted, it’s time for your probiotics and some post-workout nourishment! Essential for optimal digestive functioning which has a direct effect on the condition of our skin, pop a Biokult (10 capsule box included) before blending up our Winter Warm Smoothie using your sachet of Sunwarrior (25 g) and a teaspoon of your mini Coconut Oil (15 ml pot). One of our favourite multi-use products, coconut oil is not only an amazing natural external moisturiser for skin and hair,  its beneficial fatty acids and anti-microbial properties work internally too to soothe and boost a sluggish digestive system – a common after-effect of festive indulgences. Now on to bath time…

The perfect way to purify and detox the body and mind from the festive overindulgence’s that we all partake in during the holiday season, we love a soak in a warm bath laced with Therapie Roques O’Neil Detox Salts (100g). Designed to assist the body in disposing of accumulated pent up emotional and physical toxins, this #BathingBeauty essential is a refreshing, relaxing and revitalising treat for both body and mind.

While soaking in a nice warm bath, take advantage of the downtime by slathering on our current Content favourite; the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask (1 use sample.) Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin and lay back and relax. Designed to eliminate tired, dull and blemished skin, if you’ve been suffering from excess redness or inflammation as a result of too much alcohol or processed food, this hydrating and balancing mask will see you shortly on your way back to your pre-festive season complexion.

The perfect post-bath treat, after a long soak, dry off and apply De Mamiel Salvation Body Oil (30ml bottle) to warm skin. Specially formulated to boost rundown bodies and transform a spent spirit into a soothed and settled one, this therapeutic oil is infused with five of our favourite #SkinFood ingredients – Baobab, Argan, Camellia, Rosehip and Coconut for the ultimate in nourishment.

Now you’re ready to head out for the day, but before you go, we’ve made sure to include a handbag essential to keep you on track! Perfect for the afternoon munchies or a pre or post-workout snack, we’ve included one of Rude Health’s Beetroot Bars (35g) into the mix. Featuring an allotment of fruit, veg, nuts and seeds, these gluten and wheat free bars of whole-food goodness are a great way to boost energy levels and to stop sugar cravings in their tracks.

And there you have it, a day in the life of our limited edition Content New Year Collection designed to help you get your 2015 off to a good start! Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!