Label Lab: Cosmetic Ingredient Found to Cause Eczema and Rashes

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Last week saw the release of new information on the preservative methylisothiazolinone, linking it to a rise in eczema and dermatitis. It came into use just before we opened Content and was one of the ingredients we choose to avoid right from the start with many natural brands staying off our shelves until it was removed from their products.

It is interesting that finally doctors are calling for a ban on use of methylisothiazolinone which they say has triggered one of the worst skin allergy outbreaks ever seen. It has been considered safe for some time but now use of higher concentrations are thought to be provoking more reactions.

Over the past 5 years we have seen an increase in people instore who have found themselves developing eczema for the first time. This can be triggered by a number of lifestyle considerations, often an increase in stress will present as a skin condition, however many have found that switching to ranges formulated specifically for eczema and sensitivities such as Pai Skincare and MV Organic Skincare will help ease eczema and sensitives over time.

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