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Fan of Kjaer Weis but couldn’t make our masterclass? Here’s some highlights from the night.

Kirsten launched Kjaer Weis from a desire to merge the three worlds of green beauty, luxury and sustainability.

Green Beauty – Kjaer Weis is a natural make-up range that just happens to double duty as skincare as well, due to the certified organic ingredients such as the botanical oils and extracts used.

Luxury & Sustainability – All Kjaer Weis natural make-up compacts and bottles are intended to be one-time purchases (the luxe looking compacts especially are to be treasured, the brand likens them to jewellery), that can be refilled over and over so you can easily join the #RefillRevolution.

After learning about the background of the brand, Kirsten Kjaer Weis demonstrated on guests, including how to prep skin with the new Cleanser and Toner duo, as well as how to use the certified organic skin trifecta of Beautiful Oil, Cream Foundation and Pressed Powder… Along with demonstrating the brands’s colour palette for spring!

View some highlights from the Kjaer Weis Masterclass below and pick up on summer skin tips & tricks while you’re at it!

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Kjaer Weis cleanser and toner at the Kjaer Weis Masterclass
The new Kjaer Weis Cleanse & Tone duo cleanse without stripping of the skin and work as a make-up remover.
Kjaer Weis the beautiful oil
The bestselling Beautiful Oil is a mix of botanical oils at its base. Ideal as a moisturiser it also functions as primer for foundation. Let it sit and absorb for 3-4 minutes before applying foundation.
Kjaer Weis Masterclass - refillable beauty products UK
With the oil working as a primer, Cream Foundation is the natural next step. When mixed with the Beautiful Oil it can be as sheer as a tinted moisturiser and then built up only in the areas that need it, leaving the rest of your face nice & fresh, and “looking like skin”.
Kjaer Weis Masterclass
Mini makeovers and colour matching all-round to finish off a super fun & inspiring evening at the Kjaer Weis Masterclass!

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