Get the Look: Kjaer Weis 7 Minute Guide to Glamour

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Using only five products, Kirsten Kjaer Weis serves up a party-ready look that proves just how glamorous simple makeup can be.

• Prep face with moisturiser and a sheer veil of foundation, then dot Radiance Highlighter along the cheekbones and nose. Blend well with Concealer Brush or Blush Brush for a gorgeous, candle-lit complexion.

• With makeup this simple, perfectly groomed brows are key. Brush out with brow brush and fill in any areas of sparse growth with a shadow 1-2 shades lighter than brow colour. Apply our rosy-pale Angelic shadow to the lids, blending up and out past the crease.

• Make an impact with a sultry red lip. Create the base while activating the mineral-based formula by applying KW Red Lipstick with short, small strokes. Follow by layering lipstick straight from the tube or using the Lip Brush until a deep, opaque crimson is achieved.

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