Is Your Cold-Pressed Juice Certified Organic? Get Our Guide to Those That Are

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As the cold-pressed juice trend continues across the UK, this month is the time to celebrate those brands that have gone the extra mile to be certified organic by the Soil Association. If you’re a regular juicer, when choosing your daily dose it is important to keep two key things in mind; maximising quality and minimising your toxic load to both ensure you’re receiving the highest concentration of nutrients with the least exposure to pesticides and herbicides possible. To discuss these important factors further we spoke to two of London’s leading organic juice experts and founders to chat further about the importance of going organic.

A recent report by the British Journal of Nutrition found that organic crops of fruit and vegetables are up to 60% higher in various key antioxidants then non-organic varities* so whilst juicing is a fantastic way to ensure your 5 a day, if nutrient uptake is your main reason for juicing, buying at least a portion of your juices organic is key to ensuring you’re receiving optimal nutritional benefits.

Christina Agnew, co-founder of Radiance, the first UK company to produce cold pressed juices certified organic by the Soil Association cites the brands certification as a way for customers to rest assured that they’re receiving the best quality product possible: “We see external certification as a mark of approval that means our customers can be confident that we always use 100% organic ingredients. This is especially important when thinking of juices and how to deliver maximum nutrient content.”

The second important factor to consider and one at the forefront of everything we do here at Content is minimising toxic-load that can accumulate as a result of chemical exposure. In the case of juicing it is especially important to ensure we are weary of how the ingredients being used are treated due to the concentrated amounts of ingredients that go into each product . 

Kara Rosen, founder of Plenish, another one of London’s Soil Association certified organic juice companies enlightened us on why minimising toxic load is at the core of their ethos:  “All Plenish juices are 100% organic and certified by the Soil Association. Since we press over 6lbs of produce into one of our juices its really important for us to choose organic and not to increase toxic load with ‘pesticide-soup’. With ground breaking new research showing that antioxidant levels in organic fruit and veg compared to their non-organic counterparts can be the equivalent of eating an additional 1-2 portions per day which means that you get a better return on your investment by consuming more organic and that’s important for us to “feed” back to our clients. Moreover as well as being better for us, organic farming is also better for the environment which is important for us from a sustainability point of view and they taste much better too!”.

Soil Association certified organic juice companies.

Radiance – The juices in their beauty box curated by Content founder Imelda Burke make a great addition to your beauty regime. Featuring certified organic ingredients specifically included for promoting healthy skin, anti-inflammatory and digestive boosting ingredients such as turmeric and black pepper sit side by side with collagen promoting and youth restoring organic veg such as carrot, beetroot, spinach and kale.

Plenish – As some greens such as kale and spinach are amongst some of the most pesticide contaminated vegetables, the Soil Associations tick of approval on any product containing these ingredients assures us that we will not be exposed to these substances. Try Plenish’s Mind Body Green or Sweet Sexy Green.

Botanic Lab – We love the range of tonics on offer at Botanic Lab. Featuring organic, raw and cold-pressed formulations, Tonic 3 is an #organicbeauty must-try containing  organic goji berries, lime, pineapple, hibiscus flower, ginger and schisandra.

Purifyne – If you read our post on Autumn Attunement, you’ll know that boosting immunity at this time of year is key and what better way to do so than with organic food medicine. Purifyne’s Immunity Juice Pack curated by nutritionist Vicki Edgson is the perfect way to prepare for the winter months ahead. We love the Very Berry Juice, which features a beta-carotene and antioxidant rich Autumnal blend of blackberry, blueberry, mint, celery, carrot and apple.

Fruveju – If you’ve been looking for a Soil Association certified nut milk then Fruveju have the answer. Their cashew milk contains raw organic cashews, vanilla, coconut nectar and filtered water to offer a dairy milk alternative not contaminated with synthetic hormones, additives, pesticides or herbicides.

PurEarth – Producing raw, Soil Association certified organic cold pressed concoctions brimming with medicinal superfood ingredients that have been locally and ethically sourced, PurEarth juices are lovingly made in their London based headquarters and delivered nationwide. You can also pick yours up at various Gails Bakery locations around London.

Planet Organic – We were so excited to learn of Planet Organic’s newest addition to their all-organic range – a selection of their very own cold press juices! We’re loving their sweet potato, apple, carrot & cinnamon cold-press, the perfect pick-me-up to keep on hand this Autumn.

And for in between your juices…A new Content favourite, Coco Zumi’s coconut water has organic certification with the Soil Association here in the UK. Non-pesticide and non-GMO, the coconuts used come only from sustainable and ethical farming and are Fair Trade. Great for after exercise to restore electrolytes – we love using Coco Zumi coconut water in our #skinfood smoothies too!