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In today’s hectic life, full of distractions and noise, Inner Compass Cards offer a new way of self-reflection and personal growth – encouraging you in your daily life and opening you up to your full potential. The 49 beautifully designed cards in the deck are full of wisdom and symbolism, along with a guidebook that helps you to interpret and integrate each card into your life. By exploring the different themes and patterns, you will discover the world as your playground. Inner Compass Cards are easy to use and ideal for anyone ready to reach his or her full potential in a playful way!

We chatted with Neel about what inspired her to create Inner Compass Cards and how you can use them as inspiration in your daily life.

What was your inspiration behind creating Inner Compass Cards?

For over a decade, I was searching for something greater than myself to help me through difficult times and decisions. While searching internally, I conducted my own research externally, exploring different types of yoga, meditation and diet, as well as immersing myself in nature and ceremony. It was after my first plant medicine experience that I began downloading little nuggets of this wisdom. Two months after, while working with a set of esoteric angel cards, I had an epiphany. These cards were helping me integrate change and positivity. It was like the moment the rain begins to pour over the desert in California, the knowing rushed over me – I suddenly knew that I was going to use the concept of cards to inspire others. In that moment, I received a vision of a beautifully designed box placed on the top of a pile of books on a coffee table.

How did you decide on 49 cards for the deck and what does each card represent?

7 x 7 = 49. Seven is my number in Numeroligie. The 7 is the number of inner wisdom and introspection: the searcher of truth. Also, we count seven main chakras – the energy centres of our bodies. By arranging and categorising the seven chakras with seven sources of inspiration along a specific algorithm, one card contains many levels of depth and inter-connectedness helping to guide each being on their life’s journey.

Every single card of the full deck of 49 is so beautifully designed. We would love to hear more about the artwork used, who designed each card, how and why.

After writing all the themes, I started co-creating the images with Dutch designer Anneliek Holland. We miscalculated how much work it was to create 49 pieces of art with multi layered meaning. We live in an expansive world and with modern technology, everyone is connected. My vision and inspiration behind the cards came from this type of inter-connectedness and we are all genetic extensions of those who came before us. By activating philosophy, science, psychology and the natural world, and fusing it with spiritual wisdoms of Mayan, Taoism, Buddhism and the I Ching, we created the 49 cards.

How would you suggest we use the Inner Compass Cards in our day-to-day?

Some people like to use the deck every morning for a specific card to guide their day. Others might pick a card periodically, to shed light on an urgent issue or a question they might have. If you are having a particularly tough time, the cards can be a source of comfort and direction toward a new perspective. Sometimes we want someone to tell us we are headed in the right direction – the cards make you that person.

There are so many ways to incorporate the cards into your daily routine and each way is determined by the individual. Whatever the motive, after shuffling the deck with your focus and intention, just blindly pick one or more cards. Your intuition will guide you to find new patterns of meaning. It is impossible to choose the wrong card, the right one will always present itself! Anyone can integrate this into their routine in an easy, effortless, insightful, exciting and fun way – life should be joyful and never be taken too seriously!

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