How Your Ayurvedic Dosha Influences Your Skin Type

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Dafna Shaham, founder of Dafna’s Personal Skincare, walks us through what exactly is behind the new buzzword of the wellbeing world — Ayurveda. Plus learn about the Ayurveda beauty products from her natural skincare line.

Ayurveda is the 5000-year-old Indian system of medicine known as the ‘science of life’. According to the tradition, everything in the universe – us included – is made up of five basic elements: Ether (space), Water, Fire, Earth and Air. From these, there are three basic doshas which make up a persons temperament and characteristics – Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. Most of us will have a dominant dosha based on our constitution and physiology, and it is fundamental to our health to keep this in balance through diet, lifestyle and general wellbeing. Keeping these doshas in balance is the key to the health and wellness of all the systems of the body. This is part of Dafna’s Skin Wellbeing philosophy and is the basis of how her Ayurveda beauty products are created.

So what characterises each one of these types when it comes to skin?

Vata skin is generally dry, thin, cool to the touch, easily dehydrated, and very vulnerable to the influence of dry, windy weather. It also tends to wrinkle very easily. Vata people are also vulnerable to stress which may contribute to skin conditions like eczema. For this dosha type, skincare should be based on relaxing and very hydrating ingredients. In the Dafna range, try the Nutrition Cream – rich in warming and hydrating ingredients as ginseng, reishi and propolis.
Tip: A warm massage can be perfect for Vatas, for both skin and mind.

Pitta skin tends to have more breakouts, be photo-sensitive and less tolerance to spicy food, and have a more fiery essence. Pitta skin looks ruddy and is warm to the touch. Pittas will benefit from ingredients like aloe vera, rose and calendula that you can find in high percentage in our moisturising Ayurveda beauty products (Moisture+ and Moisture+ Light). Also, Pitta is the most changeable type, so finding the right skincare will be very helpful, as it can reduce their tendency to breakout. One thing to note if you are Pitta dominant is that you will likely be more sensitive to the sun.
Tip: Avoid spicy food as it may increases breakouts.

Kapha skin is predominantly embodies Water and Earth, so Kapha skin can be greasy, thick, less vulnerable to wrinkles, but suffer from large pores. But Kapha is usually a calm type of personality, so will experience fewer breakouts or skin issues. Taking care of Kapha skin includes cleaning and adding nutritive but non-greasy products like the Dafna Skincare Anti-Ageing and Glow Serum as it absorbs quickly and does not leave any oiliness.
Tip: Avoid sweet foods. Spicy food may be beneficial as it helps release extra oiliness.

Obviously as with our own mood or seasonal changeability, our skin can be a combination of these doshas. This means many of these Ayurveda beauty products are able to work across multiple skin types.