How to Wear Coloured Organic Mascara

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A new wave of coloured organic mascaras are hitting shelves for Spring and things are getting bold. We’ve been a fan of the Ilia Beauty range of coloured mascaras for some time, switching out black for the grey (Asphalt Jungle) and using the copper coloured Macao for shimmery night time lashes. But the latest additions to our selection from W3LL People have us reconsidering how far we will go with colour to add a touch of  fun to our usual organic make-up look. The new W3LL People Expressionist Pro-Colour Series joins the already popular Expressionist Mascara in black and comes in three addition shades of Brown, Blue and Purple. While they may seem bright in swatch form, painting them onto black lashes gives a cool lick of colour without a hint of the 80’s – and with a few tips they are not as tricky to wear as they may seem. Here’s how:

1. Complementary Colours – Finding the right shade of coloured organic mascara to make your eyes pop is the first step. As a rule of thumb, purple shades suit green and brown eyes: try the W3LL People Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara Pro Purple.  Meanwhile, blue flatters every eye colour, making it appear more vibrant and brightens the white of the eye – try the W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara Pro Blue.

2. Colour Combinations – One of our favourite ways to add colour is to apply it just to the tips or even further going half and half with two colours. First brush on a neutral base colour (black, brown or grey), let it dry and then with your highlight colour focus only on the tips of your lashes (or go as far down the lashes as you like) and brush on a couple of layers to add a pop of colour. Some of our favourite combinations include Ilia Beauty Macao Mascara on the tips of the Ilia Beauty Nightfall and the W3LL People Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara Pro Blue on the tips of Ilia Beauty Asphalt Jungle. Or try layering a brown mascara like ILIA Beauty Shadow of a Doubt with W3LL People Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara Pro PurpleMascara_W3llPeople

3. Keep It Simple – Avoid matching your coloured organic mascara with your eye shadow (too contrived) instead add soft neutral organic eye shadows such as pale nudes or browns to your lid to make the mascara pop. Ditto for lips: wear soft nudes and nude shades of pink to avoid a hint of an 80’s revival. Also, steer clear of heavy eye liner, a simple line will do and blush should look natural too. The aim is avoid looking too “done” up. Keep it minimal and let the mascara do all the talking.