How to Shop Black Friday #BuyBetterFriday

How to shop Black Friday
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This year we are claiming Black Friday for the brands that are doing it better and renaming it to #buybetterfriday. The discount season is upon us and while many people choose to bulk buy at discounted prices, we think that it can also be an opportunity to support ‘better’ brands with your choices when shopping the sales. While the high street brands discount to encourage you to buy in multiples, and some ethical brands boycott the sale altogether, we think it is a great opportunity to support the brands who are doing things in a more considered way for the planet and for people – they are the future. Use this sale time to invest in a dress that won’t be out of date next season, stock up on jeans that are made from organic cotton or switch your beauty kit to plastic-free or biodegradable products. Read on to get our guidelines for #buybetterfriday, and learn how to shop Black Friday better…

Checklist to turn Black Friday into #BuyBetterFriday

1. How to shop Black Friday: Check your wardrobe

Before you begin shopping, check to see what you already have in your closet. What works, what doesn’t? Are there any gaps that you need to fill? Make a mental checklist as you look – perhaps lay everything out on your bed, so you can really see what’s in there… and buy what you need.

2. Check your bathroom

Next, head into your bathroom (or wherever you keep your self-care products). Go through the same checklist as before. This time, check expiry dates, packaging, and ingredients for red flags such as out of date products and ingredients such as microbeads.

3. Assess what you *actually* need

After going through what you have, it is time to make a clear assessment of what you *actually* need. This isn’t the time to justify trivial or trend-based purchases, but really to take account of what is missing in your repertoire.

4. Make a Black Friday list and stick to it

We find it helpful to make a physical list, whether it be on your phone or written down. This holds you accountable for your purchases and reminds you what your goal is this Black Friday – to shop better not in bulk…unless of course you are stocking up on your tried-and-true favourite organic jeans (we always buy these in multiples), sustainable lingerie or organic foundation!

5. Look for brands whose ethos’ aligns with your own in the Black Friday Sales

Whether you are Vegan, Zero-Waste, or Eco-Conscious, you can shop brands and items that suit your personal ethos’. Remember, you vote with your purchase, so vote for products and practises that are better for people and the planet.

6. Buy items that will last the test of time not just the season

This Black Friday, we challenge you to shop for timeless essentials. To only buy forever pieces – items that you will wear over and over again, and that will last for years to come!

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