How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser

How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer
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It’s become more important than ever to maintain good hand hygiene, whether that’s washing your hands or keeping a hand sanitizer close by as the next best thing. However, for those of us faced with the struggle of finding a hand sanitiser we’ve created a handy guide of how to make your own.

How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol-based sanitisers are the most effective as they help deter the spread of bugs especially if the alcohol content is 70% or higher, these are great for quick-fixes when you don’t have access to a bathroom to wash your hands – that’s if you can find the ingredients!

What You Need:

1. 2/3 cup of alcohol (at least 70% strength)
2. 1/3 cup aloe vera gel
3. 1 Tablespoon of Glycerine
4. 5 drops of tea tree oil & your favourite essential oils (such as orange, peppermint, lavender etc)


Add the 2/3 cup of alcohol, 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel and the glycerine to a jar or bottle, and mix or shake with lid on to thoroughly combine.

Add the tea tree oil & the essential oil blend of your choice, and mix. This will create a simple antibacterial hand sanitiser that’s easy to make in the comfort of your own home.

Make sure to follow up this treatment with a moisturising or sensitive hand cream, as frequent hand-washing and exposing the skin to alcohol can often lead to dry skin, to avoid this we recommend using a hand cream whenever you feel any dryness. A couple of our favourites are Hurraw BalmToo Lavender Rose Balm – effectively soothing & hydrating for dry areas and great as an intensive overnight treatment, and the Nuori Vital Hand Cream – a rejuvenating treatment for hands with shea butter and almond oils.

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