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Have you tried a digital detox and found it hard to commit? Or wish you could prolong the benefits you felt after completing one? We are in constant contact with electronic devices – personal and otherwise. There is little doubt that this takes a toll on our health and wellbeing. We turned to Kerry Moore and Lisa Smallpiece, the founders of AMLY Botanicals, for some tips on how to lessen the impact of our digitally saturated lives as well as a list of some of our current top digital detox products.

——To Do——

Hydrate. Make sure you keep hydrated both inside and out.

Posture. Set a reminder to check it. Invest in a good chair to support your back and neck.

Keep moving. ‘Move around regularly or stand to work,’ says Kerry. ‘This helps keep your circulation and lymph moving as well as keep oxygen levels up and help to remove toxins.’

Moisturise. Protect skin with moisture boosting products, replenishing regularly throughout the day.

Fuel. Keep nutrient levels up. A nutrient rich diet will feed skin with essentials to protect and nourish.

Step outside. It’s simple but effective. Take time away from all devices and get some fresh air and contact with nature. ‘Earth yourself!’ Lisa recommends. ‘Try walking barefoot outdoors for 20 minutes each day, as this will inject you with the earth’s beneficial electrons and subtle electrical fields — essential for optimum functioning of the immune system.’

Power down. Turn off your Wi-Fi router or switch off mobile data on your phone at night, or when not in use.


——To Aid——

Leafy pets. If possible, keep a toxin-removing plant at your workstation. Kerry of AMLY favours aloe vera plants. Peace lilies, known for absorbing airborne pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene, are desk essentials at CONTENT.

Digital Detox Spray. This reviving ‘wake-up water’ from AMLY keeps skin calm and hydrated all the while effectively protecting against airborne pollutants and bacteria. One our top go-to digital detox products, it contains marine algae – a phytonutrient-rich plant known for its ability to protect itself from environmental stresses, UV light and radiation.

Swap your headphones. ‘Use an “airtube headset” connected to your mobile,’ recommends Lisa, ‘as vacuum airtube keeps radiation from coming up to your head that normally happens with a normal wired headset. It also provides excellent quality sound.’

Crystal Clear. Modern smelling salts for the digital age. Pink salt crystal chunks are infused with a unique combination of essential oils in Therapie Roques O’Neil Inner Light Crystal Clear. Take lid off and inhale deeply 3-5 times to boost circulation and expand oxygen intake to energise blood supply to the brain. Amethyst and quartz chips fortified with reiki scattered within the salts purifies any negative energy allowing one to remain clear and centred.

Banish those blues. ‘Consider wearing blue light reducing glasses if working at night,’ Lisa suggests. ‘Exposure to blue light from our devices and artificial lighting in the evening is reducing melatonin production.’

Radiant Energy oil. This classic aromatherapy treatment from Lotus Wei dissolves fatigue due to computer and cell phone use or travel with the key ingredients of red clover, jade succulent, pomegranate and Black Tourmaline gem essence.

Grounding mats. Another of our favourite digital detox products. Use a ‘defender pad’ or grounding mat — a device that helps reduce the EMFs (electromotive forces) coming from your computer.

Hydrea gloves.  These are great for using daily in the shower, but especially after a long day in contact with digital devices. Made from carbonised bamboo which releases anions, the Hydrea Carbonized Exfoliating Gloves help the body discharge positive ions from use of everyday electronic devices, release far infrared waves which help energise the body and metabolism and regulate body temperature. It’s the answer for those whose skin is too sensitive for dry brushing with a body brush.

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