How To Apply Natural Eyeliner: Liquid vs. Pencil

Natural eyeliner
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Still feel like you haven’t quite mastered the art of applying natural eyeliner? It could actually be down to the type you are using, your eye shape or even your skin type. If you have made the pledge to detox your makeup bag, finding a natural eyeliner that works for you is likely high on your list. Whether you are looking to achieve a pristine cat eye or smudged-out smoky eye, read on for our natural eyeliner faves and how best to put them to work!

How to Apply Natural Eyeliner

  1. If using a natural eyeliner pencil, make sure it is well sharpened.
  2. Try this tip picked up from green make-up artists: Little dashes make for easy work. Rather than making one continuous line, try short and frequent strokes joined together to form a line. A great hack if you don’t have a steady hand.
  3. Do you need an eyeliner brush? For finer details like a cat eye, we say yes. Check out the Kjaer Weis Angle Brush to pair with their refillable eyeshadow compacts.
  4. Lined a little too far? Don’t fret. Keep some organic cotton wool buds nearby with an organic make-up remover, like a micellar water, to tidy up as needed.

Natural Eye Pencils

Their ultra sharp point softens quickly for creating more subtle eye make-up or a smokey eye. If you just want a touch of definition, go for a natural brown eye pencil such as the Lily Lolo Eye Pencil or Ere Perez Just Jojoba Eye Pencil. Both are great for smudging into the lash line with fingers, or use the Lilo Lolo Smudge Brush to blend. The certified organic Kjaer Weis Eye Pencils come in brown and black as well, with a satin finish.

Liquid Eyeliners

Often perceived as the most intimidating product in your make-up bag, liquid eyeliners do require a steadier hand and a little more patience. The little dash method we mentioned in our ‘How-To’ above is a good way to ease in. Try drawing a short line at the beginning, middle and end of the lid, and then connect the lines. With a fine tip, the Inika Organic Eyeliner is a CONTENT customer favourite for creating that coveted cat eye.

Liquid can be a great oily skin/hooded eyelids eyeliner option due to its staying power.

Cake Eyeliners

Your favourite natural eye shadow can be adapted to become a liner by simply using with a slightly wet angle brush. For a classic dark black colour, grab the RMS Beauty Vintage Cake Liner and their Brightening Brush. A light paste will form when wet brush mixes with the pan. Once applied, just allow it to dry and you’ll be good to go!

Natural powder-based eyeliners can create the widest range of eye looks – like a sharp flick with a flat eyeliner brush, such as the EcoTools bamboo brush. And if you prefer a more understated eye, simply smudge out the powder along the lashes.

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