How Much of My Natural Skincare Should I Use?

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The CONTENT approved guide to how much of your natural skincare you should *actually* use

By now, we all know the importance of a good, natural skincare routine. Carefully curating our collections, selecting natural over synthetic, natural over generic, & eco-friendly over throw-away. BUT did you know that using too much or too little of your well-chosen products can actually have an adverse effect on your skin? 

From disrupting your makeup when you apply too much facial oil to exposing you to unwanted sun damage when you apply too little SPF, the drawbacks are numerous and varied. 

Ok, so how much of my natural skincare SHOULD I use? Well, we have put together a simple guide to help you break it down:

how much of my natural skincare should I use
How much of my natural skincare should I use?

How Much of my Natural Cleanser Should I Use?

The ideal amount of natural cleanser is about the size of a £1 piece. This should be just enough to cover your face and neck without you spending ages rinsing it off – it should be enough to be able to massage the skin to lift dirt from the pores. Depending on the consistency and base of the product for physical exfoliators, you can use a blob the size of a blueberry for oil-based products or about the same amount as your cleanser for water-based products. Careful though, over-exfoliating your skin can cause irritation and visible dryness or dehydration because it buffs away the skin’s natural moisture barrier. 

How Much of my Natural Serum Should I Use?

For both your natural oils and serums, use 2-3 drops and wait for them to sink in for a few minutes before applying moisturiser. If after a few minutes you notice a residue on your skin, then you have used too much – try one drop less next time. On the other hand, if your product soaks in very quickly and your skin doesn’t feel quenched, then try adding 1-2 extra drops before moisturising. 

How Much of my Natural Moisturiser Should I Use?

Aim for a pea-sized amount of natural eye cream. This will be enough to hydrate the delicate skin under and around your eyes without clogging pores and causing Milia (tiny bumps that develop when dead skin cells become trapped and can be a result of using heavy creams on the thin skin around your eyes). For natural moisturiser we suggest a dollop the size of a 10 pence piece, if its an oil-based balm moisturiser then use less!

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