Health is Wealth: The Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy ImageEveryone who has ever had a professional massage knows that both body and mind feel better after a good session.  Pregnancy is the ideal time to schedule a relaxing treatment, doing wonders for your mood, posture and wellbeing. We talk to our massage expert Vanessa Gruningerabout why she suggests massage during pregnancy….

Hormone Regulation                                     

Research has shown, that regular massage treatments during pregnancy result in a reduction of stress hormones such as cortisol. At the same time blood serum levels of dopamine and serotonin were increased, relieving feelings of low mood and depression.

Reduction of Swelling

During pregnancy the blood circulation can be reduced and in combination with an increased pressure on the major blood vessels by the uterus, signs of edema are likely to occur. Massage strengthens the circulatory and lymphatic system and therefore enhances the removal of tissue waste, such as fluid collection around swollen joints.

Improvement of Nerve Pain

As the pregnancy progresses the uterus gets heavier, resting on muscles of the pelvic floor and lower back. The pressure on theses muscles can cause sciatic nerve pain which spreads to the muscles of the upper and lower leg. Massage may help to address the inflamed nerves by releasing the tightness of nearby muscles.

Reduced Back Pain

Approximately two thirds of all woman suffer from lower back pain at some point during their pregnancy, a recent study has indicated. This is mostly due to the natural weight gain and the posture change shifting their center of gravity. Together with regular exercise such as yoga, massage can release the pain by loosening tight muscles and helping you to relax.

Deep Breathing

Oxygen is essential to the metabolic functioning of all cells. Deep breathing boosts the flow of oxygen that is supplied to your body and your baby at the same time it supports the elimination of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. Massage increases relaxation and therefore deepens the breathe naturally.

Having a pregnancy massage also allows you to enjoy a peaceful space where you can let go of worries either by talking about them or simply by relaxing the body and mind. For more studies about the effect of pregnancy massage please view here.