Health Is Wealth: Laura Jones TCM Practitioner At Content Shares Her Tips for Fertility

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Mother-imagesIn Traditional Chinese Medicine the Kidneys are responsible for birth, growth and development and are said to store our essence (life-force). From a Chinese medicine perspective on fertility it is essential that we take proper care of our Kidneys to ensure the body has the strongest life force to create a new life. In my clinic at Content I see many patients who visit for acupuncture to help with fertility. Below are a few of my favourite tips you can try at home:

Strengthen your Kidney Energy:

1.    Always keep your Kidney area (around your middle covered) especially in cold weather to prevent your Kidneys from getting cold. You should also keep your knees covered as the Kidneys rule the knees.

2.    Try to avoid walking on cold surfaces with bare feet as your kidney channel goes to the sole of your feet and cold can travel directly up this channel into your kidneys weakening them – try wearing slippers or flip-flops when at home.

3.    Meditate with your feet flat on the floor connected with the earth. Try to aim for at least 5 minutes of mediation a day and use a towel or mat to stand on so the bottom of your feet do not get cold.

4.    Balance work with rest

5.    Eat plenty of Kidney nourishing foods such as Walnuts, Black Fungus, Black Sesame Seeds, and Black Beans.

6.    Practice regular deep breathing exercises to help the connection between the Lungs and the Kidneys in respiration