Health is Wealth: Five Whole Body Benefits of Massage

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Anatomy IllustrationMassage is perhaps one of the oldest healing traditions and was used for its versatile health benefits by the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Indians. With the launch of our new BodyWork Massage treatments by Vanessa Gruninger we take a look at the modern day whole body benefits of regular massage…

Massage therapy acts as a “mechanical cleanser” reducing waste products such as lactic acid in muscle tissues. The build up of lactic and carbonic acids after activity can cause cramping, discomfort and irritability. Besides reducing a toxic build up in your muscles, massage also stimulates the lymphatic system for detoxification of cellular toxins.

People with circulatory problems and signs of fatigue benefit greatly from having regular massage sessions. This therapy dilates blood vessels, improves circulation and removes congestion. At the same time massage can increase the number of your red blood cells count, providing more energy for true rejuvenation.

Weight Loss
Regular massage treatments in combination with nutrition and exercise programmes have shown to speed up the process of loosing excessive body weight. Vigorous massage can help to burst the fat capsule in the subcutaneous tissue. Long stored body fat exudes before being absorbed and eliminated.

Better Posture
Poor posture not only looks bad, but also forces some muscles to work incredibly hard, while others get weaker. With ongoing massage treatments the muscles are loosened and the joints relaxed, resulting in a greater range of movement. This allows the body to re-align itself in its natural and hopefully pain-free posture.

Greater Immunity
People who experience high levels of stress tend to fall ill more frequently. Combined with poor sleep due to the inability to relax, our natural capacity to fight off bacteria and viruses diminishes. Regular massage treatments produce a peaceful state of mind and increase the body’s natural killer cells. Killer cells are necessary in the fight against infections and in keeping you healthy.