The Guide to Natural Hair Sprays

Natural Hair Sprays
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Haircare is often the group of products that people find hardest to switch. But its worth persevering as the benefits for your hair and the planet add up. Conventional hair sprays use polymers (sometimes from plastics) and often aerosols systems to deliver these to the hair. Natural hair sprays, by contrast, use sugars and plant derived gums (like senegal gum) to fix your strands in place and do so without aerosols. If you are looking to make the switch the below guide is a great place to start!

Natural Hair Sprays To Prep the Hair

As well as holding hair in place, some sprays work to protect the hair during blow-drying. The Less is More Earl Grey Blow Dry Spray will benefit your hair in multiple ways – Aloe Vera moisturises your hair and scalp,  Pullulan a polysaccharide produced from starch actually gives volume and shine, and the 100% certified organic essences of Orange Blossom, Rose and Sicilian Bergamot will not only brighten your mood but replace synthetic fragrance. This certified organic natural hair spray is also suitable for vegans and cruelty free.

CONTENT loves 💚 : Less is More Earl Grey Blow Dry Spray

Natural Hair Sprays To Hold In Place

Like your hair to stay put? The Rahua Haircare Defining Hair Spray is non-aerosol and has a medium, natural hold, which means that it will hold your hair without leaving it sticky and rigid. Using sugar cane, you can add more to achieve a stronger hold.  John Masters also does a great hair spray with a strong hold (this not as strong as a conventional strong hold hair spray – but still is one of the strongest in naturals). Spray into damp or dry hair, style.

CONTENT loves 💚 : Rahua Haircare Defining Hair Spray; John Masters Hair Spray

Natural Hair Sprays To Finish

If you ironed a silk (also protein) shirt as much as some people flat iron their hair, it would wear dull very quickly. After years of piling on synthetic silicones and heat protectors hair can ends up looking and feeling dull and lacklustre. The Less is More Lindengloss Finishing Spray is certified organic and thanks to the all natural ingredients it works in numerous ways. This two phase glossing (shake well before using) spray will smooth frizzy and damaged hair, minimising dryness, UV damage and colour-fading. Favourite part? It also comes in travel size.

CONTENT loves 💚 : Less is more Lindengloss Spray

Parts of this post were adapted from sections of The Nature of Beauty book by CONTENT founder Imelda Burke.

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