COME CLEAN: Elenore from Earthsprout Shares Her Favourite Clean Foods

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One of our downtime pastimes is scouting the internet for fresh and exciting ways to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into our day. One of our favourite blogs is by Elenore Bendel Zahn, your official Nordic tree-hugger and sassy health gal! Her blog EARTHSPROUT is filled with recipes, health tips and beautiful pictures! If her blog doesn’t get you excited about cleansing and eating green nothing will!

This passionate health guru works with ‘veggie wonders’ in lots of exciting ways. If you grab Elenore’s business card you will read; Raw Food-coach, Organic Gardener and Green Gourmet Chef. And with the skill seen in her lovely photos maybe she will be adding ‘Greenylicious photographer’ soon!

For COME CLEAN month at CONTENT we asked Elenore to share her favourite cleansing foods. Watch this space…..she has also created an exclusive CONTENT CLEANSE recipe. Exciting! For now check out which 5 foods made it onto her list and why, then visit her at EARTHSPROUT for some inspiration.