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We were delighted to be featured in two exciting articles this month celebrating organic beauty and wellness. If you missed the features, we’ve put together a little overview for all of our #greenbeauties……

Grazia feature – The Rise Of The Naturalista

Spread out into sections comprising natural therapies, organic makeup, detoxing, mindful skincare and seasonal exercise – Grazia UK’s article on the ‘Rise Of The Naturalista’ is all about you! With an array of our favourite brands and rituals – from oil pulling with coconut oil, to wearing make-up good enough to eat, the article described the lifestyle of many of our customers.

Dubbing the new Naturalista as an investor in the ‘new orglamic’ – a movement made up of ‘luxury consumers who also have an interest in natural ingredients and ethical standards’, #greenbeauty favourites Ilia Beauty, RMS Beauty and Tata Harper are all credited as pioneers of this growing movement.

The mention of ‘kitchen cupboard beauty’ and those brands that utilise medicinal foods and herbs to ‘turbo-charge’ their products had us particularly excited (hello #skinfood!) and featured brands such as May Lindstrom and Therapie Roques O’Neil.

We also loved the mention of ‘mindful skincare’,  an ethos that cites knowing the history behind your make-up and skincare products is just as important as understanding the ingredients and product itself – a mantra that has always been at the core of the Content philosophy. Brands commended for their dedication to enlightening the customer on all aspects of their products and production included Amala, May Lindstrom and RMS Beauty.

So with that we’ll leave you with the closing statement as gathered from Content founder Imelda Burke: “It’s really the equivalent to couture fashion. This idea of hand-crafted items that are lovingly produced in small batches is what appeals to the new Naturalista.”

Stella Magazine – The Perfect 10: Stella Magazine’s Favourite Health & Wellness Websites

Extolling an international array of resources from those close to home (Deliciously Ella, the Healthista, Get The Gloss) to our go-to databases for when we’re in the States (Well & Good and the beautifully curated Live The Process) – if you’re interested in anything regarding exercise, food, health or beauty, Stella’s selection has you covered.

On Content: “A Holistic guide to healthy skincare… Scroll through an archive of beautifully photographed skin boosting recipes, profiles of Britain’s leading experts on all things natural and organic plus features on issues such as allergies and mindfulness.”

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