GREEN BEAUTY: We Chat Organic Beauty with Singer Flo Morrissey

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With a brand new album out, this year’s festival circuit sweetheart – and we’re happy to say Content Beauty Flo Morrissey – fills us in on how to survive festivals with her natural beauty picks and wellbeing philosophy. Read our interview with the very charming chanteuse below.

  • How would you describe your beauty “philosophy”? I am learning to just listen and know that my body will provide and tell me what it needs. Often when being as simple as possible, that’s when I feel best. I think beauty starts from within and the rest should just be a bonus and nice icing on the cake 🙂
  • How did you get into natural and organic beauty? I think just by being aware of the beauty in the world we live in. There is a new group of women coming and it feels powerful to be somewhat a part of that! I have always been into finding new things to try and work out what works and doesn’t for me as an individual, particularly as we now have things like Instagram that are such great ways of bringing people together.. that’s what led me to you!
  • It’s officially festival season! What’s your typical festival beauty looks when it comes to hair and make-up? Do you have a beauty / style icon that inspires you? My hair is long so I often feel most ‘me’ when I wear it loose and it’s naturally straight.. occasionally I’ll be Pippi Longstocking and wear plaits in my hair the night before to have a natural wave. Make up-wise, I am quite blaze and tend to be more on the sensitive side so I often go without anything. Or if I am feeling adventurous, I’ll wear some mascara haha! I bought a beautiful blue Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow from you guys that I’m planning on trying for a show! I also like to wear lipstick or smudge a little on or combine two colours together – the Ilia ones are the best. I’d say Jane Birkin is a perfect style icon for all women.
  • We know you’ve been busy touring across Europe and will be all over the UK this Summer – what are the top beauty essentials you always carry in your make-up bag on tour? Instant Reishi Tea from Four Sigma Foods to keep balanced and help with immunity and Manuka honey for a lot of things, voice, face and body! Vitamin C, maybe a little raw chocolate if I need something to keep me buzzing. Oh and Yogi Teas are my favourite for the little pieces of advice before I play too ha ha. I also just bought your Hayfever Tea which has been brilliant!  Oh and a nice hairbrush – I brush my hair so much, particularly when I am nervous, so it’s almost become a pre-show ritual. I also bring a dry body brush in my bag for the hotels after I shower cold first thing in the morning and I love Dr Bronner Miniature Travelling Soaps.
  • How do you like to ‘switch off’ after a show? Do you have any wellbeing practices to relax and unwind? I practice Kundalini yoga at rama-tv and am beginning to read a lot to relax. Often sleep is the best natural remedy for me and spending time with my family, even if I am away – calling is nice.
  • Lastly, do you have any top tips for festival-goers? I am not the best camper so I’d probably be the worst person in terms of tips for this ha ha.. but festivals can be such a beautiful experience and you never know what to expect.. so go with an open mind and enjoy it!
  • Where have you been this Summer? I have been playing at some nice UK festivals – Blissfields, and Barn on the Farm and a couple others, but my first headline shows were in London on the 18th of June and Paris the 24th to celebrate the release of my debut album, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful which was release on the 15th of June. Next, I’ll be at End of the Road in September.

To listen to Flo’s music, check out her Tumblr and Soundcloud