Great British Food: Introducing Sweet Virtues Chocolate Truffles

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It’s no secret that Content is fueled by #rawcacao, there is not a brand we haven’t ‘sampled’, so for our latest Content Collection we have managed to sneak a couple of our latest favourites into the mix.  Launching the UK’s first super-food luxury truffles, Sweet Virtues was founded by Carey Davis-Munro – an avid yogi, qualified PE teacher and firm believer that in order to be truly well we require a balance of mind, relaxation, nutrition and exercise; a wellness equation she otherwise refers to as the ‘triangle of health’ and an ethos that she lives by in her every-day.

With a focus on not what is ‘taken out’ but the amazing power-packed ingredients that are ‘added in’, Sweet Virtues propagates the philosophy that eating healthy should not be about self-denial or lack of enjoyment, but exactly the opposite. We couldn’t agree more with Carey’s approach to healthy eating and are super excited to share with you the deliciously nutritious treats as part of our latest Content Curated Limited  Collection.


Made right here in the UK, Carey has developed the range to reflect her wellbeing ethos, with her treats designed to nurture that sweet tooth without compromising optimum wellbeing. Featuring Maqui to detox, Chia Seeds & Lime to energise and Baobab & Vanilla to promote balance, each flavour contains a raw cacao centre made up of a blend of Maca, Lacuma, Carob, Ginseng, Agave, Sunflower Seeds and Ground Almonds. These protein rich, hormone regulating and energy dense formulations are then mixed with 64% and 70% dark chocolate cocoa solids giving them that luxurious chocolatey bite. We found it very hard to choose between the flavours, so naturally had to try them all!

Try two samples now in the Content Curated Great British Beauty Collection.