Great British Food: Introducing Of The Earth Superfood Pots

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In each limited edition collection we curate we like to introduce you to some of our favourite Great British Beauty foods. In Novembers #ContentCollection we are excited to feature the British born brand of organic superfood breakfast pots which is redefining the typical breakfast on-the-go into one just as healthy as what you’d make at home.

Featuring an array of our favourite superfoods mixed with gluten-free, organic oats and shelled hemp seeds, we’ve been enjoying Of The Earth Superfood Pots hot or cold, making them our go-to breakfast or snack for travel, after the gym or for days on the go.

Your Great British Beauty Collection will feature one of three flavours;

  • Power of Red Superfoods: A juicy blend of antioxidants, goji berries, strawberries and beetroot powder combined with baobab powder, Peruvian lucuma and raw coconut nectar for a refreshing, naturally sweet boost to the colder mornings ahead.
  • Power of Brown Superfoods: Chocolate for breakfast? Yes please! Featuring antioxidant rich Peruvian Cacao powder and hormone balancing Peruvian Maca blended with banana flakes and raw coconut nectar for a little extra sweetness, this chocolatey bowl of superfood sustenance is one of our favourite ways to fuel up before a busy day at Content HQ.
  • Power of Green Superfoods: The ultimate morning immune booster and cleansing breakfast on-the-go, this little pot of goodness leaves you feeling energised all morning long. Combining protein rich blue algae spirulina, green matcha tea for energy, barley grass powder for amino acids and lucuma powder and coconut water for a bit of sweetness, we always have one of these on hand!

Try the Of The Earth Superfood Pots in our Content curated limited edition Great British Beauty Collection.