Meet the Maker: Sarah Brown from Pai Skincare on Her British Beauty Brand

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We chatted to Sarah Brown from Pai Organic Skincare about what it means to be a British Beauty brand.

Every country has its own unique plants. Tell us your favourite natural British skincare ingredient.
It’s to hard to pick just one so I’m going to go for the three C’s of sensitive skincare: Calendula, Chamomile, and Comfrey. All home-grown and all incredible at calming, soothing and regenerating unhappy or unpredictable skin.

Pai sources these ingredients in their highest grade, certified organic form – grown in super clean soil and carefully extracted (using CO2 rather than usual cold pressing). This maintains the complete properties of the plant and prevents oxidisation, so you preserve their optimum skin benefits right through to the finished product.

What does it mean to you to be a British Brand?
We’re very proud to be a brand born and made in London. So many of the world’s beauty products are produced by just a few of the big cosmetic powerhouses in France and the USA. Cosmetic manufacture is not something Britain has previously been known for, but we’re famous for innovation so when the two come together you get something altogether different and forward-thinking.

What is your ‘must-have’ product from your range?
Our Rosehip Oil is pretty special and has become a bit of a cult product in the press. Thanks to its regenerative properties it’s incredibly versatile – one of those multi-purpose essentials every woman should have in their bathroom cabinet! I use it as a facial oil at night, but it’s also brilliant at softening scars, healing burns, and even reducing blemishes. We use the whole hip, not just the oil from the seeds, so it really packs a punch and is a great example of a product that just allows the hero ingredient to sing.

London is always filled with visitors. What is the one souvenir they should take home?
A stick of rock! It’s so English kitsch. I still don’t know how they get the words to run the whole way through. It must be magic.

People often look far afield for holiday season, but the UK has lots of great holiday spots. What is your favourite place to holiday in the UK?
Durdle Door on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. You have to climb a long way down to the beach (and it’s a steep climb back up!) so it’s often blissfully deserted. Monkey World is only a stone’s throw away, which is a bonus for chimp lovers like me!

Tell us your favourite summer skin tip.
I keep one of our Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Creams and BioAffinity Toners in the fridge. The former is ideal for taking the heat out of distressed or sunburned skin, and the latter is a beautifully refreshing tonic for a flushed face on a hot day.