Meet the Maker: Georgie Cleeve From Oskia on Her British Beauty Brand

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This week we chat to Georgie Cleeve the founder of Great British Beauty brand OSKIA, about what it means to be British.

Every country has its own unique plants. Tell us you favourite natural British skincare ingredient?

One of my favourite ingredients is extracted from the humble British corn on the Cobb. It’s called ribose, a natural sugar and one of the only ingredients to increase cell respiration and ATP energy (your skin’s energy source, rather like a car battery). It’s an incredible and exciting ingredient with amazing clinical data, which is why we chose it as one of our key actives.

What does it mean to you to be a British Brand?

It means everything! Being a British brand shouts excellence and integrity more than anything else. It’s a tag that evokes trust, tradition, experience and honesty. We are incredibly proud to be a British brand.

What is your must have product from your range?

It’s a hard one as I adore all of our products and each new launch becomes my current favourite. But if there was one product I couldn’t live without it would be our Nutri-Active Day Cream, simply because it’s the one product type you shouldn’t skimp on. You need one that really works and one that works really hard for your skin. It also won Best Moisturiser in the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2012, judged by dermatologists, beauty editors and readers, so it isn’t just me that thinks it’s great.

London is filled with visitors this summer. For anyone attending the Olympics what is the one souvenir they should take home?

There are some amazing finds that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. James Smith & Sons is the oldest umbrella maker in Europe. The shop is a treasure trove and knowing the British summer, a beautifully made umbrella would be a lovely souvenir, well used.

People often look far afield for holiday season, but the UK has lots of great holiday spots. What is your favourite place to holiday in the UK?

The west coast of Scotland for its wild beauty. I spent all of my childhood holidays there in Argyll, mucking about on boats and walking in the hills. For children it is ideal. However, we’ve recently discovered Tresco, which is ideal from London and has the same charm and incredible facilities, fabulous beaches, lovely cottages, and delicious restaurants. It also has a lovely spa at The Flying Boat Club, which also houses one of the best collections of British art.