GET YOUR GREENS ON – Our Favourite Varieties

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We all know the importance of eating our greens and whilst we make sure to always get our fair share of fresh and seasonal varieties, at this time of the year, we like to up the ante of our regular green regimes and bring in the big guys – the green super foods we swear by for combating fatigue, boosting energy levels, detoxifying the body.

Whilst all four featured below may comprise of similar nutrients, each is responsible for its own body boosting qualities and can be used in a more prescriptive manner, depending on the ailment or bodily aspect you’re seeking to boost or repair when added to smoothies and juices, or even sprinkled over porridge.


Containing a multitude of vitamins and minerals and all of the essential amino acids needed for human health (100 nutrients in total to be precise!), spirulina has been used for centuries as a food source most notably by the Aztecs and Kanembu tribes of Central Africa. Featuring a potent array of antioxidants, chlorophyll and iron, Spirulina is a particularly beneficial supplement for vegetarians thanks to its high levels of B12. Our favourite super green for increasing energy, we always make sure to get our daily dose in if we’re feeling especially low in energy or even as a replacement for coffee in the morning – it really does give you a rush of energy but without the dreaded lows brought on from caffeine!
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Sometimes confused with spirulina, chlorella is another form of the green algae family. A potent detoxifier, when chlorella is taken into the body, its natural action is to bind to the unwanted toxic materials that reside within, whilst steering clear of the beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium or zinc that these harmful toxins thrive alongside. Extremely rich in chlorophyll which cleanses our key elimination systems such as the bowel, liver and blood, whilst assisting the body to rid of potentially harmful materials, chlorophyll furthermore promotes the growth and repair of tissues that may have been damaged through exposure to such factors. Chlorella is our favourite supplement for supporting detoxification and the immune system, essential for this time of year.
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Wheat Grass

If it’s improved digestion you’re seeking, then wheat grass is the way to go. Providing all of the essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and beneficial nutrients our bodies need to function optimally, each serving of wheat grass equates for 24% protein more than meat, fish, eggs or dairy, 800% more iron than spinach and 300% the calcium of milk! Thought to cleanse the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract and stimulate the metabolism, treat yourself to a dose of this if you’re feeling sluggish.
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Barley Grass

Consisting of 18 major vitamins, 20 minerals and 8 basic proteins, barley grass is another highly alkalising food which counters over-acidity in the body whilst providing a potent dose of vital nutrients within every serve. Especially high in immune boosting Vitamin C and iron (500% more than oranges and spinach respectively), barley grass is thought to be the best supplement to take for rebalancing pH levels in the body, often disrupted by the consumption of acid-forming foods such as red meat, alcohol, sugar and processed food.
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