GET THE LOOK: Get Tata Harper’s Organic Beauty Contouring and Highlighting Tips

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Now that you’ve got your hands on Tata Harper‘s gorgeous latest arrivals in her natural make-up range – the Very Bronzing bronzer and Very Illuminating highlighter – we’ve called on Tata Harper herself to share her tips on how to best use them to contour and highlight naturally, for a beautiful sun-kissed glow. Get them below.

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Tata Harper’s tips for highlighting and contouring


  1. Using a brush or your fingertips, lightly apply the highlighter under the eye with gentle sweeping motions. Blend along the cheekbones into the temples.
  2. Next, draw a line from earlobe to lip area and blend. Also, apply around the nose to fill in any shadows and redness.
  3. To give the face a lit-from-within look, create an upside-down triangle starting between the eyebrows and blend upward and outward into the forehead. Then, create a line of highlighter down the entire bridge of your nose, blending lightly.
  4. For an added brightening effect, add highlighter to the cupid’s bow, to the center of the chin, and to the brow bone. Blend well.
  1. To chisel the cheekbones, create a thick bronze line down the hollow of the cheek starting at the bottom of the earlobe and extend down in the direction of the corner of the mouth (but do not cross the boundary of the laugh line).
  2. To slenderize the face, create a shadow of bronze at the top of the forehead along the hairline and blend in.
  3. Sculpt the jawline by starting where the cheek and earlobe meet and shade down the edge of the jawbone all the way down to the chin area. Repeat on the other side. Then create sweeping strokes downward along the neck to create depth and define the shape of your face.
  4. Last, create two straight, parallel bronze lines on each side of the nose starting at the inner corner of the eyebrow and continuing down to the end of your nose. Blend gently on each side ensuring that you keep the symmetry of the lines in place.

Tata’s Top Tips:

  • Want a smoother application? Exfoliate skin before applying.
  • If your skin is dry, don’t skimp on moisturiser!