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Our resident yogi Michaela Olexova is back with another yoga routine. This month, she shows us how to use a combination of nature’s healing power and yoga for the eyes to ‘light up’ the view of the world around us. So get yourself out in the open air and follow this simple and mindful yoga tutorial for a revitalising and relaxing wellbeing boost.

You know the saying ‘your eyes are the windows to your soul’? They are the point of contact between you and the rest of the world. When you meet or chat to someone you’re very likely to look into their eyes to read character or true meaning of their words. If you fall in love you stare into each others eyes and listen to your lover’s heart whisper. It’s your eyes that will expose the true nature of your soul, your happiness or grief, your triumphs or failures, your compassion, kindness and grace. So why is it that we spend so much time looking down and so little time looking up, missing on the beauty of the ever-changing life, nature and relationships? It’s the fear of intimacy, a fear of discovering our true nature and who we really are.

Traveling on tube the other day, I found it quite fascinating watching everyone lost in their own little worlds of phones and tablets as if nothing else around them existed. And if you randomly meet someone’s eyes, they go quickly in hiding again as if they were scared for you to steal their identity.

“Eye contact is more intimate than words will ever be.”

There’s a story in your eyes so tell it. If you’re feeling down then show it. If you’re crazy happy then share it. You’ll be amazed how the world suddenly starts expanding, your truth and honesty opening new doors or breaking walls and perhaps you too will get an invitation to read the greatest stories of all when you share an intimate look with me on my next journey to town.

Now, if you can only do one thing this summer when exploring the great outdoors, give your ‘soul windows’ a fresh polish with these simple to follow yoga stretches & mindfulness exercise for your eyes to light up.


1. Start by finding a spot with a great view so your eyes don’t get limited by the walls of the room such as beach, hill or meadow.

2. Rub your palms together creating a heat and cover your eyes for a minute breathing slowly. Then open you eyes and relax your face.


3. Begin rolling your eyes up and down so you can feel your eye muscles stretching. You can link the movement with your breath, looking up on inhale and down on exhale to keep your focus. Repeat 5 times then close your eyes to relax for a moment.


4. Similarly, start stretching your eyes all the way to the right and then all the way to the left for 5 times. Close and relax your eyes.


5. Now, stretch your eyes diagonally moving from the top right corner to the bottom left corner for 5 times. Then change and stretch from the top left corner to the bottom right corner for 5 times. Close and relax your eyes again.


6. Join all the eye stretches together in the clock-wise movement as if you were looking at numbers 12 (up), 3 (right), 6 (down) and 9 (left). Complete 3 rounds, close and relax your eyes and then complete another 3 rounds in anti clock-wise direction followed by a brief relaxation.

7. After these simple stretches, find a focus point in the distance in front of you. Start gazing into the spot without blinking your eyes and anchor your mind there. Focus on focusing your eyes and try to stay relaxed until your eyes get tired and watery. Then close your eyes and focus on the after-image of the focus point until it disappears. Relax briefly

8. Rub your palms again and cover your eyes for a minute to enjoy the warm healing touch of your hands.

9. Now sit or lie down to relax and just enjoy watching the nature around you – passing clouds above your head, butterfly moving from one flower to another, little ants crawling among the grass. Rest in the moment and notice all the movement, shapes, colours, patterns, light and shadows.

10. Similarly, relax in the moment next time you meet someone’s eyes and perhaps share a light smile. Notice how you will brighten up someone’s day as much as you will brighten up yours.

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