GET THE GUIDE: Switching to Organic Hair Care with the Call It Vanity Beauties!

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Are you making the switch to organic beauty products? We salute you! But, chances are hair care isn’t high on your list. We can see why: after all, one could easily bypass shopping green hair products in favour of organic make-up or skin-focused products.

However, there’s more than a few good reasons for switching to green hair care: firstly, conventional hair products are filled with chemicals that strip the hair of moisture, instead of nourishing it. Another thing to remember is that although shampoo and conditioners are wash-up products, they also end up coming in contact with your skin during application, often from head to toe. The skin on your scalp is quite sensitive, as are your eyes – so the gentler and more natural, the better for both hair and skin. Finally, you’d want to be putting something down the drain that has minimal environmental impact.

Keen to make the switch in haircare? To make things easier for you, we’ve challenged a couple of our favourite green beauty bloggers and all-around natural beauty junkies Call It Vanity to “go organic” for one month and to observe and report the effects of selected natural haircare ranges on different hair types. Make sure you keep an eye out on their blog Call It Vanity for weekly instalments of the #organichaircare series throughout April! Now, over to Mayah and Sabrina….

Cleaning up your haircare routine can seem like a pretty mammoth task, and one that can easily get pushed aside in favour for trying yet another serum or the lipstick everyone’s been raving about. Sound familiar? We’re guilty of it too. Whilst we switched over to greener hair products quite quickly, it’s taken a long time to find products that truly work for us and our hair types.

The thing is, conventional hair products are all essentially filled with the same thing. Think petroleum derived oils, sulphates and silicones. The real fun stuff!! You may think a conditioner that’s smoothing down your frizzy hair is working a treat, but that’s rarely because your hair is actually being nourished. Instead, it’s usually coated with silicones, so you never really get to the root of the problem. In fact, it’s difficult to even understand what your hair really needs when all you’re doing is skimming over the issue. Sometimes it’s the irritants lurking within these bottles that are the cause. Take SLS which can be found in practically every shampoo outside of the green beauty world. SLS and your scalp aren’t naturally the best of buddies, so cutting this ingredient out of your routine may actually finally rid you of that dandruff that just won’t shift.

The best thing to do is ditch your dirty routine and start from scratch. Forget the hair type you think you have, because this lovely readers, is going to be path full of discoveries. Once you strip away all of all the nasties, the true nature of your hair will start to shine through. Oily scalps are no more, and it can turn out the flat hair you’ve been backcombing has natural body of its own. Break out your notepad, it’s time to finally get to know your hair!

We’re here to make this a teeny less daunting for you. Naturally, us green beauty junkies have been doing some testing of our own, and are ready to share our notes. We’ve teamed up with Content Beauty & Wellbeing to put together the ultimate haircare guide for all those venturing into green beauty, or who just haven’t perfected their routine. Spanning over the month of April, we’ll be breaking down this series into three posts.

Part I will cover fine hair which can be prone to flatness. The best thing to do if you’re looking to build up the thickness and body of your hair is to nourish it at the roots, so there will be plenty of that happening in this routine. Mayah fits the bill perfectly, so she’ll be taking some of Content’s best scalp loving and volumising products for a spin: Intelligent Nutrients’ PurePlenty range and the Volume range from Less is More. Read part I here. 

Part II we’ll be taking things in the opposite direction by focusing on big, beautiful, curly hair. If you rock a fro, you’ll know it has its pros and cons. Whilst it can look effortlessly chic, it’s not the easiest hair to manage and keep conditioned from root to tip. Expect smoothing, defining and some serious hydration from this instalment. We’ll have a special surprise guest who be introducing Content’s best products for wild haired gals – Bouclème! Read part II here.

If you’re a greenie who just can’t let go of their highlights, then you’ll be all over Part III. Sabrina will be testing out some of the best Content has to offer for dry, coarse and damaged hair, not forgetting colour protection. This also includes hair that is naturally thick, but not necessarily curly. She trialled the John Masters Organics Reconstructor Set and the Less is More range. Read part III here.

Make sure to check in at the end of April’s #organichair month for our final thoughts on the ranges and tips on how to use them. See you then!


Now that our organic haircare challenge is over, we think it’s fair to say that even us seasoned greenies have had a hair breakthrough! Despite the fact we’re read a million reviews on different natural and organic haircare products, and had the opportunity to try many first hand, it has been invaluable to have the expert knowledge of Content Beauty & Wellbeing team to hand. Let’s face it: they’ve come across many more heads of hair seeking organic comfort, so it’s no surprise they knew exactly what we needed to fix our hair woes. Not only have we discovered new hair heroes that have now reached holy grail status in our beauty cabinet, but we’ve learnt a lot more about our hair on a basic level. For any wannabe green beauties out there, it’s important to assess your hair type (which Content can help with) before splurging on what appears to be the most popular brand or product. And don’t even try to find something that seems similar to what you used to us, because they will be worlds apart. But all in all, enjoy discovering your new found haircare loves! We hope you loved coming on our journey with us.