Get the Guide: Organic Haircare Tips From Intelligent Nutrients

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Need some haircare inspiration? We will be the first to admit than when updating your bathroom cabinet to natural and organic products, haircare is often the one area people struggle with the most. Whilst the Intelligent Nutrients range has graced our shelves for a while now, we thought we’d give you a few tips on how this collection of natural hair products has become such a vital part of both our haircare AND skincare regime.

With a mission to spread the message that “everything we put into our bodies must be nutritious and safe”, a mantra coined by the late Horst Rechelbacher, Intelligent Nutrients pioneering founder (and winner of the Positive Body Icon at this years Psychologies Positive Beauty Awards), the products within both the Intelligent Nutrients skin and haircare ranges are as organic as possible and free from toxic synthetics and artificial ingredients.

Whilst haircare products are amongst the most difficult to formulate naturally, this pioneering brand has created a range to rival conventional brands. Infused with their specially formulated Intellimune Antioxidant Superseed Oil, an antioxidant omega supplement derived from certified organic cold pressed black cumin, red grape, red raspberry, pumpkin and cranberry seeds – this antioxidant omega supplement lies at the core of the entire Intelligent Nutrients haircare range. This unique formulation possesses the ability to fight off free radicals, reduce inflammation, protect healthy cellular activity and slow unnecessary premature ageing the natural way.

Harmonic Shampoo & Conditioner –  have been formulated for use on every hair-type, however we find they are particularly beneficial for use on oily hair thanks to the addition of menthol. The Harmonic Shampoo is especially effective at ridding hair of build up that may have accucumlated from years of using synthetic hair products whilst the Harmonic Conditioner leaves hair tame, moisturised and bouncy. When it comes to both these products, less is always more. If you’re finding it difficult to lather up, add more water, not more product or we find using the usual amount of shampoo but half at a time and washing twice works a treat – and only takes a minute longer!

  • Intelligent Tip: Out of shower gel? Use Harmonic Shampoo instead. After a natural shaving cream? Look no further than Harmonic Conditioner. These two products are even pure enough to use to wash your fruit and veg!

PureLuxe Shampoo & ConditionerGreat for preserving colour treated hair thanks to its low pH, both the PureLuxe Shampoo and Conditioner are especially good for those with dry, heat or colour treated hair. Protecting the scalps natural oils, both products contain refreshing lemomgrass, ylang ylang and geranium (we love!) to help repair dry, damaged hair.

  • Intelligent Tip: No need to be to rigid with your product choice, try mixing it up a bit when choosing products from this range. For example if you find your scalp is prone to oiliness while the ends are dry we suggest you use the Harmonic Shampoo with the Harmonic Conditioner. Vice versa, you can use the PureLuxe Shampoo if you scalp is prone to dryness and the Harmonic Conditioner if you don’t want a rich conditioner weighing your fine hair down.

High Shine Spray The best in the range for controlling flyaways, this High Shine Spray tames frizz all whilst adding shine and colour vibrancy to dehydrated or dull hair (great for post-Summer tresses). The added bonus is that it also protects hair from harsh environmental elements – perfect if you live in a big city like London!

  • Intelligent Tip: This may sound like a crazy idea, but the benefit of using organic ingredients is that if makes them just as good for your skin as well as your hair! Try this – spritz on your skin as a sheer natural body oil for an instant shine and glow.

Leave In Conditioner Ideal for anyone with fine-to-medium textured hair prone to frizz, this Leave In Conditioner is great for diffusing curls, creating a salon-style blow out or as a finishing product to tame and nourish heat and/or colour treated hair.

  • Intelligent Tip: See above tip and suspend your product name prejudice and use this Leave In Conditioner as an all over body lotion.

Certified Organic Volumizing Foam – Formulated to produce a soft hold thanks to the inclusion of Larch Tree Resin, with foaming properties derived from soapbark, this lightweight, non-stick foam is revolutionary in the organic haircare sector.

  • Intelligent Tip: Not fond of the unsightly powder residue that conventional dry shampoos leave on the surface of your hair, not to mention your outfit? Good news is that this clever product doubles as the perfect mess-free dry shampoo!

Special Mention: Love raw food? Bring this ethos into your haircare with  Intelligent Nutrients Volumising Spray and Perfect Hold Hairspray, with all ingredients featured in both products not heated above 46 deg – #hairfood at its best!