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Shopping around for an organic mascara? We know it can be tough to find your perfect match, and if you’re making the switch to green beauty it can be even harder to “let go” of your high street mascara in favour of an organic version! But fear not, for we’re lending our expert green makeup advice to navigate the world of natural and organic mascara, that tends to be a bit of a minefield…

Mascara is the one beauty product that women get most attached to and often find it the most difficult to change, or to find their favourite equivalent in a “clean” version. Getting an organic mascara to have similar capabilities to a commercial one is no mean feat, and something that natural brands are consistently trying to improve on using as few synthetic ingredients as possible. Sometimes, that means compromising a little on the overall effect, but if you suffer from sensitivities or want to steer clear of toxins, then this is a very small compromise to make.

There are so many different wants and likes when it comes to mascara so here is our expert list of recommendations according to tailored preferences:

You Like Natural, Clean Lashes

If you have an aversion to anything resembling a clump and you prefer a more naturally enhanced look, then Inika The Mascara is for you. It provides a natural boost to lashes that is great for everyday wear, with a tapered wand to help with even coverage over the inner and outer part of the lash line without any clumping or flaking. It is suited to those with sensitive eyes and anyone searching for a mascara that also provides lash-strengthening ingredients.

You Have Short, Curly Lashes

When first looking at the Rms Beauty Defining Mascara’s brush you might think it’s too small/thin for your needs, but therein lies its magic! This little brush gets right down to the base of your lash line giving you a lot of extra lift and a good amount of product without going through the lash and onto the eyelid. The mascara gives you enough product to only need one straight application of lift and volume, without needing to build it up. Even though the name doesn’t suggest it, it definitely has a volumising action and works just as well on very long lashes with a wide-eyed effect. Similarly, the Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara lifts and lengthens for more voluminous lashes, with a dual-sided brush that allows you to define, lift and separate lashes with precision.

Another recommendation in this category is Inika’s Bold Lash, with densely packed bristles to achieve a voluminous effect from root to tip. The result? Thick and dramatic lashes!

You Have Pale Skin & Red Hair

People with this complexion often struggle to find mascara that doesn’t change their look completely. If you have very pale lashes, black mascara can often look like too much for an everyday look. Ilia Beauty Macao is a fantastic copper colour mascara that is the ideal, natural complement to strawberry blonde lashes – it intensifies the natural hue of the lashes without making it overtly obvious that you’ve been ‘made up’.

You Struggle with Smudging

You’ve tried every natural brand out there and they all end up sitting under or on your eyes… Then you need the Ere Perez Volumising Avocado Waterproof Mascara, which contains dimethicone to help it stay put. This mascara not only provides long-lasting wear, but also gives volume and full black coverage. You can apply several layers to build colour on top of your lashes, and a single layer to the bottom. Use sweet almond oil when you’re ready to remove the Ere Perez Waterproof Mascara.

Kjaer Weis have also formulated a mascara that dries onto the lashes and does not smudge when touched. It stays put throughout the day and will ‘rub’ off when you remove it with water, or preferably an oil cleanser (coconut oil works a charm). This mascara is also great for layering and adding more volume without clumping – you have to work a little faster though, as it dries and stays. Another bonus of this product is that you can buy mascara refills so you’re not purchasing new packaging each time you need to replace. Lash-friendly & planet-friendly!

Black Is Just Too Much for You

Inika Organic have done an amazing job in formulating a varying colour range in their vegan mascaras. They have four different mascara colours – black, brown and blue. The Mascara, Bold Lash and Long Lash are all available in black or brown, while the Curvy Lash is available in black or blue.

Green Living Is Your Priority

Kjaer Weis have created an ingenious packaging system, where you buy the beautiful long-lasting casing and the inside is refillable. When your mascara is empty (also conveniently smaller, so that you use it all up instead of needing to throw it away before it’s empty) you just pull out the plastic recyclable inner and buy the mascara refill to put back into the case.  No more feeling guilty about your beautiful packaging!

For Very Sensitive Eyes

The new Inika Vegan Mascara range are particularly suited to sensitive eyes, with gentle formulas including a Carnauba wax base, Magnolia Bark Extract and Sunflower Oil that will also help to nourish and strengthen lashes. Most of the mascaras we stock at CONTENT should be fine for sensitive eyes and it’s hard to predict what each individual will be sensitive to, but this range is intended specifically for sensitive green beauties.

You Are Vegan or Want to Avoid All Animal-Derived Ingredients

It goes without saying that none of our products are ever tested on animals.  However, if you are very strict about not using products with any animal derived ingredients, you become more limited in the mascara department. Beeswax is an essential substitute for chemicals in many of the organic and natural formulas, so most brands will contain it. Ilia Beauty, Lily Lolo and Inika Organic, however, have managed to bypass using it altogether, so you can confidently use their mascaras if this ethos applies to you.

For Lacklustre Lashes

One of our favourite tips for those that feel they are lacking in the lash department is to layer on the Jane Iredale Lash Extender and Conditioner. This works two fold – it helps condition the lashes (much like a leave on conditioner for your hair) to strengthen them and works as a primer, giving the natural mascaras a little help with ‘stickability’ if your eyes tend to water.

If you fancy a 1:1 with one of our resident natural beauty experts to find the right natural beauty products for you, you can book yourself in for a ‘Detox Your Make-Up Bag’ consultation instore.

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