GET THE GUIDE – New Natural Beauty Arrivals for Cosmic Beauties

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Fans of the zodiac, budding astrologists and wiccans will be excited to know that a cosmic wave of new organic beauty and wellbeing arrivals has landed instore – just in time for Christmas! Whether you’re shopping gifts for a fellow natural beauty or working through your own wish-list, make sure you still leave some space for these. It’s a kind of magic!

Beauty for star gazers

Know about Chiron, North and South Nodes or simply dabble in a bit of astrology from time to time? We’ve no doubt you’ll appreciate our latest organic beauty and wellbeing arrivals for body, face, house and mind!


Natural beauties who love a good soak can make the most of cosmically charged full moons and new moons with Species by the Thousands Bath Salts, hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Use them during your bathing ritual to cultivate your intuition, release the old and manifest new beginnings! Key ingredients include Dead Sea salts and Epsom salts – guaranteed to detoxify and soften any bathing beauty’s skin.

We’re also loving the Species by the Thousands Moon Phase Earring Set a cute set of 4 stud earrings, portraying each phase of the moon and available in brass, sterling silver or 10K yellow gold. They’re a fantastic gift for natural beauties who are in tune with the moon.


For face, we’re swooning over La Belle Lune organic facial oil (and the cute packaging)– a fragrant potion to treat skin packed with antioxidants to deeply nourish and hydrate skin, protect against free radicals, reduce inflammation and encourage cell production. It’s packed with some of our favourite essential skin foods including antibacterial organic lavender essential oil, calming milk thistle seed oil and healing Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil. Use 1 to 3 pumps when the stars are shining and the moon is bright to let it works its magic and help heal your skin from everyday pollutants.


One gift that will never go out of style under the Christmas tree is of course, natural perfume. A scent is always a personal choice – but you can hardly go wrong when it’s been formulated to complement each star sign: from ‘fueling’ the fiery Aries to ‘grounding’ the emotional Pisces. If you like the idea, the Strange Invisible Perfumes ‘Perfumes of the Zodiac’ perfumes will make the ideal birthday presents too. These organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic and hydro-distilled essences smell as fabulous as they look in their sustainable, luxury bottles. Need we say more?

For the White Witch in all if Us


You needn’t be a white witch to inject some real magic into your life! Unleash your inner powers and tap into them with a set of magical rituals hailing from Salem (yes, really) instead – no hocus pocus required. We’re talking about the HausWitch range – which features cute spell kits and spell sprays – formulated to protect your home from negative energy and spread the good vibes all around.

Choose between the ‘Ohm’ Spell Kit, North Wind Spell Kit or Co+Habitate Spell Kit for your own at-home cleansing ritual ideal if you want to wow someone. Or try the compact spray versions of these instead, for some stocking filler fun.