Get The Guide: How To Create The Best Brows & Lashes

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In light of Breast Cancer Awareness month, one of our Organic Makeup Artist’s Lilian Komor reveals the best way to create natural eyebrows and lashes for women who have lost then via a treatment of for those who are just a bit light on lashes of brows.

For Beautiful Brows…

  1. Use a pencil or thin-angled brush and hold up to the edge of your nose, lining it up to where your brow-bone begins and draw a small dot.
  2. Keeping the pencil attached to the bottom of the nose, move it so it rests over the eye so the pencil is going through the middle of the pupil looking straight on. This is the highest point of the brow so mark a little dot there.
  3. Move the pencil to the edge of your eye, lining it up with the outer corner. This is where your brow should finish so place another little dot.
  4. To make them look natural, use a brow powder or eye shadow (alternatively you can use this kit) and lightly draw a shape around the 3 dots and fill in with little brush strokes to replicate hair or just build up the little strokes to create desired effect.
  5. Make them slightly thicker at the front then gradually thin them out to a point at the other end.
  6. To enhance the look, add a touch of highlighter under the brow bone to make them pop adding shape the the face.

For Lovely Lashes…

The best way to create a lash effect is to make sure you define the eyelash line. A trick Marilyn Monroe used to do was draw little lashes on the bottom outer corner of the eye to enhance her eyes.

  1. Use a pencil or angled brush and dark eye shadow, and rather than draw a line, dot or use little strokes getting as close the lash line as possible to create a shadow and definition.
  2. Do the same underneath, concentrating on the outer edge of the eye.
  3. Again use an eye shadow to create a soft hue.
  4. After defining the lash line you could use either a pencil or liquid liner to create a liner with a flick at the outer edge which will enhance the eye and create quite a statement look that will hide the fact there are little lashes.
  5. Finally, add some contouring with eye shadow into the crease of the lid to enhance the shape of your eye and again take the attention away from the lashes.

If you’d rather take attention away from the eyes and brows the best way to do so is to enhance your other features with a bright lip or a bronzed skin.