How to Do a Scalp Massage at Home

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Often it’s the things you do everyday that influence your health rather than the grand gestures. This goes for hair and scalp health as well, so we thought we’d share our tips for optimal hair health and all the steps for an easy DIY scalp massage.

Haircare Tips for Shiny Locks

1. Healthy Hair Starts With a Healthy Scalp

Essentially, the scalp is an extension of our face and should therefore be treated with as much diligence and care. Our scalp, in fact, is the most absorbent part of our skin! If you already consume a whole foods diet, it makes sense to switch to non-toxic hair care.

2. Get the Most Out of Your Natural Haircare

Switching from conventional products can be an adjustment. Fortunately, we have tried and tested every product in every possible way to bring you the best tips.

Shampoo is intended to cleanse the scalp and not the ends, so concentrate on thoroughly massaging your shampoo into the scalp. When you rinse, the shampoo will gently wash through the ends… And repeat! The second shampoo on a thoroughly wet scalp will result in a comfortable lather. Most of us are used to double cleansing our face so think of this a double cleanse for the scalp.

3. Eating for Admirable Locks

Excessively oily or dry, irritated scalps are often the result of an omega-3 imbalance. Increasing your consumption of avocado, ghee, coconut oil, wild fish, pastured eggs and butter can be beneficial.

4. Masque

If you’re too time-poor to do a weekly hair masque, simply use a leave-in conditioner. A favourite of ours is a small amount of John Masters Rose & Apricot Hair Mask evenly spread through hair after each wash for added hydration, protection and shine. Alternatively, combine a rosebud-sized amount of Hair Mask to any conditioner or detangler to increase moisture infusion anytime you wash your hair.

5. Sleep Well

Treat yourself to a silk pillowcase. Not only will it add a luxurious feel to your bedroom but the reduced friction will mean less hair breakage.

Scalp Massage

Scalp maintenance is often overlooked, but as an unhealthy scalp grows unhealthy hair, it should be given just as much attention as hair and skin. Massage is a very effective (and extremely relaxing!) way to enhance circulation and stimulate natural oil production for a healthier scalp. Why not incorporate this in your weekend haircare routine? We like to massage using the Rahua Founder’s Blend Scalp and Hair Treatment, which provides anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant benefits while nourishing and strengthening scalp and hair follicles. The John Masters Organics Argan Oil also makes a great tonic for the scalp and can be left on the full length of the hair to nourish it.

A massage may also be effective for preventing hair loss, stimulating hair growth and balancing scalp pH. We all want to live a healthy life with plenty of energy and we know eating well and being active are important for this, but did you know that head massages can help too? At the base of our skull, just above the neck there is a pressure point known as Feng Fu. Applying pressure to this point regularly triggers rejuvenation and a sense of wellbeing. It’s so easy to reap the benefits, you just need to take a few minutes of your day (even when you shampoo your hair) to lightly massage the scalp and apply pressure to the Feng Fu point. It’s worth taking the time as results may include:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved mood
  • Gut regulation
  • Relief in cold/flu symptoms
  • Relief in severity of headaches/migraines
  • Can help thyroid issues
  • Relief of PMS symptoms

How to Give Yourself a Scalp Massage – It’s As Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Cup your neck with your hands and lean your chin forward so that your chin is resting on your upper chest and your fingers are wrapped around the back of your neck. Use the pads of your fingers to firmly massage in circular motions up and down your neck, eventually reaching the base of your head.
  2. Place your thumbs just in front of your ears with your fingertips resting on the top of your head and begin massaging, starting along the hair line then moving all over the scalp slowly and firmly. Use your thumbs to slowly and gently massage the tops and down the back of the ears then finish at the base of the skull just behind the ears with circular movements. To restart, place your thumbs back in front of your ears, this time spreading your fingertips evenly along your hairline, starting at your forehead and using long sweeping movements. Apply pressure and work back to the base of your head, imagining that you’re sweeping your hair out of your face, but applying pressure and doing so slowly.
  3. Spread fingers and place on your head to give yourself a firm massage all over using circular movements (make sure you really mess up your hair). To complete the treatment, sweep your fingers quickly through the hair then before you lose touch, grip the hair gently and give it a soft tug.

Feeding your hair and scalp with the right nutrients is also essential to keep tresses in great shape! Read more about Eating for Healthy Hair and Scalp.

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