Get The Glow With Madeleine Shaw Live Q & A at Content.

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MadeleineMadeleine Shaw is making waves in London’s growing health and wellness scene for her simple yet effective food philosophy that propagates healthy eating as a way of life, not just a monthly ‘fad’ or ‘phase’.

We love her array of creative, delicious and nourishing recipes and her ‘get the glow’ food and exercise philosophy, so as part of this year’s online Summer Wellbeing Festival on July 7th from 12-2pm Madeleine will be live on our Facebook page to answer all your questions about getting your glow on from the inside out! In the lead up to the event we asked Madeleine her favourite ways to get her glow on through eating well and exercising.

What is your ‘get the glow’ nutritional philosophy?

It’s about eating your way to healthy skin. Food impacts how you look, feel and think so getting the glow is about nourishing your body from all angles to enliven the hottest, happiest and healthiest you.

We are loving all your exercise posts, how can exercise help us to ‘get the glow’?

I do yoga a few times a week, mainly vinyasa flow which helps me to relax, stretch and tone. I have started working with a personal trainer Joshua Clarke. He’s getting me lifting weights which makes me feel so strong – I love it!

What are your favourite types of exercise to practise? Do you think variety is important?

Yoga is my favourite. I just love flowing through the postures. My favourite pose is savasana, you feel so rested, your body just melts and your mind switches off. It’s heaven.

What is your favourite post-workout meal or snack?

I love smoothies post workout. Avocado, banana, coconut milk and lime is a favourite. If it’s not a smoothie I love to have a raw chocolate ball made with dates, raw cacao, nuts and coconut oil. The perfect post work out reward!

What would your one piece of advice for those trying to up there exercise quota be?

Do the exercise you love, you will work harder. Life is here to be enjoyed, exercise doesn’t have to be a punishment.

What are some easy ways we can make sure we incorporate exercise into our every day?

Walk everywhere. London is great as it’s such a wonderful city to walk through. If you can’t walk, bike. Cycling gets you form A-B in seconds! There is nothing more liberating that getting on your bike and just flying.

Join the event here and meet Madeleine live online from 12-2pm on July 7th where she will be answering your questions on how to #gettheglow just in time for Summer.