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full moon rituals
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Some of you will be all too aware of the effect the full moon has on you – sleepless nights being the most common – but the moon’s influence doesn’t stop there. The moon has been associated with everything from the menstrual cycle, to your mood, to your energy levels and beyond.

The moon is thought to represent our ‘inner world’ and, depending on where it is in its cycle, is believed to arouse certain emotions, behaviours and our consciousness. So much so, that many a wellness enthusiast will adopt a variety of Full Moon Rituals each month to keep their health & wellbeing in check.

Esme from A Conscious Edit is a big fan of tuning into the moon: “The full moon happens when the earth is directly in between the sun and moon. They are distinctly opposing energetic forces; the Sun-a reflector and the Moon-magnetic. For me, tuning into the lunar cycle is almost like having a ‘guide’ about when it might be helpful to retreat, restore and tune in to myself. I mark the full moon and new moon on my calendar at the start of every month!”

Zoe from Wunder Workshop is also a moon-lover: “I am very self-aware and always want to understand why and when I am feeling a certain way. I often find comfort in knowing it is aligned with the lunar cycle. When I was a child my mother taught me to look out for the moon to understand why I felt more outgoing or inwards. This is also linked to my menstrual cycle and I like to align myself with both, to be fully aware and connect deeper with myself and nature’s rhythm.”

The cycles of the moon are also associated with our planet. Many brands using biodynamic plants will be harvesting on different cycles of the moon, which also affects growth (increased amounts of moonlight stimulates leaf growth while decreased amounts slows down leaf growth.).

But how to make the most of the full moon’s energy? We’ve listed some of our full moon rituals, alongside Esme and Zoe’s faves, to try this full moon.

Bathing Rituals

It is believed that during the full moon, your skin is more absorbent, therefore you can reap the greatest benefits from a salt bath by absorbing many minerals from the salts. So, when the moon is full, submerge yourself in water not only to cleanse but also to tune in with the energy of the moon, encouraging a settled mind and calming sleep.

Bathing is one of Esme’s go-to full moon rituals: “I absolutely love to soak in a warm bath using my Bath Oil and place a crystal (charged by the moon) on the side. I see this as a wonderful act of kindness to yourself; the soothing sense of touch provides a unique ritual of self-nourishment and appreciation – a conversation with your soul.”


There are various full moon ceremonies one might choose to get involved in with the intention of relaxing the body, clearing the subconscious, calming the mind, and activates the body’s natural healing systems. From cacao ceremonies, to dancing, to sound bathing… The options are many and varied.

Most commonly, partaking in a ceremony will manifest greater energy, which is why Zoe loves a full moon cacao ceremony: “During the full moon my emotions are more intense, I feel more energetic and outgoing. I love going to cacao ceremonies, sound baths or ecstatic dance ceremonies. As a child I would be so wild on the full moon and wouldn’t be able to sleep. Now I know better how to channel that energy!”


While typically energy levels surge around a full moon, it is actually an effective time to spend in reflection; noting what serves you and what does not, setting new intentions and partaking in a slower and more meditative lunar yoga practice. Depending on what’s been going on in your life around this time, you may include yoga postures that rejuvenate and release, such as forward folds, hip openers, gentle supported back bends and yin postures. If you have been spending time sitting you may include more fluid yet gentle movements with a few standing postures in the mix. Whatever you choose, take it slow and look inwards.

Esme’s go-to full moon yoga: “I take the yoga pose Supta Buddha Konasana (reclining bound angle pose) whilst using a bolster… I place my Meditation Eye Pillow gently over my eyes, and I just rest – simple! I do this for about 10-20 mins. You can also lie in bed comfortably with the soothing eye pillow again, right before sleep.”

Beauty Rituals

The full moon can be a time to focus on specific beauty rituals that have been researched for their enhanced impact during this time. For example, during the waxing phase when the moon is growing in the sky, the rate of hair growth is believed to be rapid. A hair cut in this phase will encourage healthy hair growth, and strong nails too!

Crystal Cleansing

Placing your crystals on or in the earth, or out in the morning sun will help cleanse your crystals, but the energy of the full moon is a deeper, stronger cleanse. “All the crystals I use in my A Conscious Edit products have been charged by the full moon. Again, an easy ritual – I take the crystals from where they are stored and leave them to bathe in the light of the moon!”

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