Food and Drink Hacks for Healthy Skin

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Did you know that some of our favourite kitchen essentials double up as beauty treatments too? If we are not putting them on our face we are whisking up new ways to eat them. We share our favourite #ContentBeauty topical and edible skinfood hacks:

Kitchen Cabinet Hacks

  • Smoothie: Use the Content Skin Tea as a base for your green smoothie.. It’s packed with skin-loving botanicals and herbal extracts which may be helpful for problematic skin as they cleanse and detoxify your system. Brew it up the night before let it cool and its ready to use in the morning.
  • Pancakes: Add some ‘superfood’ to your pancakes by stirring the WunderWorkshop Instantly Golden Turmeric Latte Powder into the mixture for a little kick (it tastes delicious) and health benefits (turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory) – you can try our gluten-free pancake recipe here.
  • Cacao: Want to whip up a quick energy-boosting dessert? We love to mix a sachet of Xoco Reishi and Cacao into coconut yogurt for an instant cacao pudding. Try it – you won’t believe how delicious it is.
  • Hot Wine:  Spiced wine isn’t just for Christmas. Try this mulled wine recipe which has a base of our Content Antioxidant Tea. Get the recipe.

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Beauty pantry hacks

  • Bath soak: Our herbal brew of choice for detoxifying – the Content Cleanse Tea – is not only a staple in our kitchen, but in our bath too. Just wrap it up in a muslin cloth and dunk it in your bath et voilà – it doubles up as a bath soak!
  • DIY mask: Want a quick, no-fuss face mask? Combine the skinfood ingredients of Manuka Honey, WunderWorkshop Organic Turmeric Powder and yoghurt (or a touch of water if vegan) to help clear skin, reduce redness and brighten. Try our Content Turmeric and Honey Mask recipe for clearer skin.
  • DIY Toning Water: Use your cold, Content Skin Tea as herbal toning water. Try refrigerating it, then use an organic cotton pad and tap across your face for a skin toning action.