How to Make a Pledge for Fashion Our Future

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It’s easy to get caught up in the buzz of fashion week and catwalk shows but we are fans of the people doing things differently. Amy Powney, Mother of Pearl’s Creative Director, started Fashion Our Future as a social media campaign that aims to change the way we consider and consume fashion.

The campaign asks participants to make a pledge (there are several to choose from) and post it on Instagram. Pledges range from sticking to organic cotton to mending clothes that may otherwise end up in a landfill.

Here at CONTENT, we’ve committed to a few different pledges.

CONTENT’s Fashion Our Future Pledges Include:

  • Fixers – committed to mend and upcycle ‘broken’ items thanks to our repair kits from Apprvl.
  • Feminists – committed to the fair treatment of all women in the garment industry with brands such as Mmaa.
  • Fur Real – committed to providing options for people that are putting animal welfare first with brands like Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather.
  • Tree Huggers – Committed to finding clothing made from sustainably sourced plant-based fibres with brands like Woron and their beechwood derived modal.
  • Cottoned On – Committed to keeping our cotton clean with brands such as Organic Basics, Mother of Pearl and Kowtow, Woron and Mud Jeans who are all using organic cotton.
  • OAP’s – Committed to recycling and re-wearing thanks to the vintage collection in-store.

For more information on the Fashion Our Future Campaign and watch the ‘how-to’ video explaining how to participate, visit the Fashion Our Future website.

Which pledge will you take?