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It’s a well recognised fact that our homes can be filled with indoor ‘pollution’, from the items we put in them (i.e. flame retardant furnishings) to the not-so-fresh air we let in. Most of the time we don’t have much control over what lingers in the air, but one area we do have control over is what we are cleaning our homes with. Choosing eco friendly cleaning products can have a positive effect on those of us with sensitivities, and the rest of the family too.

Not just limited to spring, an annual cleaning (or ‘greening’ as we like to call it) can also involve upcycling items that no longer serve a purpose or donating these to charities, second hand shops or free-cycling. As well as decluttering your living environment, this will reduce the elements you need to clean!

Read on for our 5 simple steps to tackle your annual clean using our pick of eco friendly cleaning products.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products for Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to start your spring ‘green’; a room that notoriously looks tidy and organised from the outset but is haunting you behind closed cabinet and fridge doors.

EcoCoconut eco-friendly cleaning products are an economical choice for cleaning the kitchen, ticking the boxes of sustainability and functionality for a thorough clean. The EcoCoconut Kitchen Dish Brush is a handy kitchen essential that allows you to safely clean and scrub pots, pans and crockery.

Great British Brand, The Gentle Label, offers a certified organic Dish Soap as well as a Multi Surface Cleaner to remove stains and get your kitchen gleaming and smelling super fresh with its natural citrus scent – no synthetic fragrance here!

Alternatively, the Tincture All Purpose Cleaner is an effective cleaning spray that is suitable for all surfaces (including granite and marble) combining sage, clove and thyme to bring a relaxing aroma and sense of calm to your home.

Spring cleaning the kitchen is not limited to the act of cleaning but can also include detoxing plastic and other waste. Eco Straws made from stainless steel or glass can replace plastic drinking straws and can be used over and over again for smoothies, iced tea, juice and coffees; kept clean and fresh with a Reusable Straw Cleaning Brush. And of course, no eco friendly kitchen is complete without a reusable coffee cup, reusable drink bottle, glass or stainless steel lunch boxes, and a selection of reusable shopping bags so you can banish single-use plastic. Discover our full range of zero waste living to stock up on these essentials.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products for Floors

Use Tincture Daily Floor Cleaner to achieve squeaky clean floors. With a natural blend of thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus oils, chamomile extract and active silver, this cleaner helps to create a fresh and zen home environment, all the while promoting your own and family’s overall wellbeing. It can be used on all surfaces including wood, stone and marble, and is ready to use – no need to dilute.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products for Bathroom

The bathroom can be one of the more challenging rooms in the house to keep clean and waste-free, with so many different personal care items coming and going all the time. While eco-perfection can be hard to master in the bathroom, there are eco-friendly cleaning products that you can swap in, as well as waste-free personal care items to replace plastic-packaged products.

Tincture offer all the cleaning products you need to keep your bathroom feeling fresh. Bathroom Tincture will cut through limescale to remove grime and build-up, while the Glass and Mirror Steel Tincture can be lightly sprayed onto your bathroom mirror to swipe away spots and splash marks without leaving streak marks. As with the kitchen floors, Tincture Daily Floor Cleaner can be used for a final mop over the floor and give it a fresh smell and feel.

Your annual home cleanse ritual is a great time to sift through your bathroom cabinet and dispose of any expired or useless products. It is best to keep your skincare and personal care products to a minimum by finding what works for you and sticking to these specific products. This way you can avoid accumulating unnecessary products that never get used.

Use a bamboo toothbrush that can be recycled at the end of its life as opposed to pesky plastics that need regular replacement and take hundreds of years to break down. Read more about how to keep your teeth healthy naturally and with eco friendly bathroom products.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products for Laundry

Water waste from your washing machine will eventually end up waterways and the ocean, which means the eco friendly cleaning laundry products you use are super important. The Gentle Label Laundry Liquid was created to not only help minimise your ‘water mark’ on the environment, but also benefit people with sensitive skin by avoiding the fragrance and detergents that may cause outbreaks of eczema and other topical skin conditions… With the added bonus of leaving your laundry smelling and feeling fresh!

A further precautionary measure to keep your laundry routine as eco-friendly as possible is to keep the microplastics that may leach from your clothes out of your laundry waste water. You can do this by using a Guppyfriend Washing Bag, which has been designed to reduce fibre shedding from your clothes, as well as filtering the few fibres that break from clothes during washing, so they don’t end up in washing water. Simply put your clothes inside a Guppybag and put through the machine on a normal wash cycle.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products for Bedroom

For many the bedroom is a very personal, and even sacred space. As we spend 8+ hours here each and everyday, of course it’s the last place we want to invite any kind of clutter, toxins or general negative energy.

You might consider starting the spring clean of your bedroom with a wardrobe purge, donating anything that no longer serves a purpose to a second-hand shop or charity rather than adding it to growing landfill.

Burn The Owl & the Apothecary Abundance Crystal Candle to introduce balance, warmth and all things good into your bedroom. If you have a tendency towards a busy mind at bedtime, use a natural sleep tincture to bring about a sense of relaxation and sound sleep. Inhale the de Mamiel Settle Oil to settle both the mind and body, easing you into a comfortable slumber. Therapie Roques O’Neil Inner Light Sleep Drops are useful at times when you’re feeling overextended and overwhelmed, and similarly The Nue Co Sleep Drops will encourage you to gently power down and relax, drifting off with a clear mind and awaking without residual drowsiness.

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