Meet the Brand: Dr ALKAITIS

Dr Alkaitis Organic Skincare
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You may have seen the new Dr Alkaitis range featured in the press. And rightly so. This range is one of the original food-state, raw and organic skincare lines.

Created by highly regarded and world-renowned research scientist, Dr. Saulius Anthony Alkaitis. This range is founded on a in-depth scientific understanding with an extensive knowledge of the therapeutic properties of plants in their pure form, Dr. Alkaitis is like no other “Dr.” brand out there.

‘There has to be no compromise with any of our ingredients and processes in order to deliver the very best results for your skin. Dr Alkaitis goes further by ensuring it’s high performance skincare line is a ‘living’ skincare line’. No spooky synthetic ingredients – just real food for your skin.

So why is raw better for you? It’s simple really – as with the food that you consume, fresh is always best. As far as your body is concerned the vitamins and minerals are much more accessible in the raw food state. This is the same for skincare. Dr Alkaitis treats the skin as a living organ and if you feed an organ healthy ‘living’ food it will be healthier. Dr. Alkaitis personally makes all his own extracts ensuring they contain only ‘living’ ingredients. ‘Living’ means the highest-quality plants, left in their natural state, rather than having their potency diluted in a laboratory.

Plant extracts are often broken down into “actives”, taking what is seen as the therapeutic content, and discarding the rest. This goes against Dr. Alkaitis’ ethos of celebrating the full power of plants in their biological state. All the extracts contained within Dr. Alkaitis skincare are never heated above the body’s temperature, so preserving and increasing their therapeutic benefits.

When we say pure, we mean it. You won’t find the “plant derived” ingredients, chemicals, synthetics, trans-fats (which the body finds hard to break down), and GMO’s that are common in most skincare. All of our products are safe to eat – though we prefer to put them on our skin.’

Skin Conscious
Because it is a range of truly pure and natural skincare, Dr. Alkaitis products work with your skin’s natural functions – not against. Due to the ‘living’ complexity of the formulations they act like adaptogens for the skin, adjusting to each individuals unique skin type, so bringing the skin into balance. Therefore you won’t find separate products for oily, dry or sensitive “types”. The products correct the individual balance of the skin of each user to bring it to optimum health and healthy skin is always attractive.

History in your hands
In working with ‘living’ materials, Dr. Alkaitis carries on an age-old and almost forgotten tradition. From the first civilisations, there has always been a sophisticated knowledge of the natural world. This natural approach to healing has a long and honourable history of preserving the body’s health and wellbeing. In comparison, synthetic products have been in use for little more than a century, and their effects are still largely unknown.

‘The worst thing that could happen to you after a life time of using these products is nothing.’