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Double Cleanse
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How to double cleanse is less overwhelming than you think. Maybe most days you remove your make-up, spritz on a toner or reach for natural face lotions. Any evening cleanse is better than none. However, daily build-up from make-up, pollution, dirt and toxins form a thick layer of impurities on the skin. It takes more than just a gentle rinse to rid – even if you don’t wear make-up!

The bad news is that when left behind, this residue can lead to premature signs of ageing and skin dullness. Double cleansing method to the rescue! Already have more than one natural face cleanser in your stash? You might already be set up to switch to the double cleanse method.

Wondering what this cleansing method entails? The double cleanse provides a ‘deep clean.’ An efficient double cleanse routine features a natural cleansing oil followed by a natural face wash or cream cleanser. Oil cleansers and balms dissolve oil-based dirt such as make-up, sunscreen and pollution. Gel and cream cleansers remove dead skin cells and water-based forms of pollution.

The Double Cleanse Ritual

First, make-up wipes are cheating – and not much quicker than using a cleanser 
and a cloth. Due to their nature (wet and kept open for days), they will contain a relatively high percentage of a fairly robust preservative. Mixed with other ingredients, face wipes are more concerned with quick cleansing than any real skin care. Rarely a good idea for any skin type, the convenience of a facial wipe discourages what CONTENT founder Imelda Burke thinks is the secret ingredient of cleansing – the massage. Using fingers on face encourages dirt to be lifted and lymphatic drainage. If you plan to ignore this advice, or use them as a make-up remover, choose a natural one. RMS Beauty Ultimate Make-Up Remover Wipes come in portable sachets and contain just pure coconut oil.

  • For the first cleanse, use a natural cleansing oil. Using upward sweeping strokes, gently apply to skin from the neck up, over the chin, nose and up to the forehead. This first step in the double cleanse will gently lift dirt. To remove the cleanser, use a clean cloth that has been warmed under a hot tap. Also check that the oil-based cleanser is safe to use around the eyes. Many use a separate cleanser for this delicate area with something as simple as coconut oil or jojoba oil. The latter is most ideal around eyes as it most closely resembles sebum. If using a separate cleanser for the eyes, it is okay to use organic cotton pads instead of a cloth.
  • For the second cleanse, use an organic natural face wash or cream-based product. When emulsified with wet fingers, these help catch dead skin cells and daily grime. During this second step of your double cleanse, work deeper into the skin using small circular motions with your fingertips. Work around the nose, chin area and hairline. Remove this cleanser using the warm cloth. For dry skin, repeat with your natural oil cleanser and compress it off with a warm cloth.

For Best Results

Always apply your cleanser to dry skin.
This way you don’t dilute the product. Wet skin will make the product slip over rather than adhere to dirt.

Use a generous amount.
You need a slip to massage and lift the dirt.

Don’t forget to cleanse your neck too.
Often forgotten, the neck sees as much of the world as your face does.

When cleansing eyes, sweep down and outwards. 
Try holding a cotton pad over the eyes to dissolve make-up and dirt first. Then support the delicate skin around the area: sweep down and outwards over the eyes whilst supporting the skin at the brow.

Treat your skin to a mini steam.
When you have the time, during the second part of your double cleanse, squeeze excess warm water from your organic cotton cloth. Wrap the cloth over the entire face after massaging in your cleanser. Hold the cloth over your face and count to 5 or 10. This action stimulates the lymphatic system and microcirculation. Repeat this process two to three times, rinsing and warming the cloth in between rounds. This method is particularly lovely if you are using products that contain essential oils. Steam activates their aromatherapeutic benefits, making you feel as refreshed as you look.

Cleanse as soon as you get home.
Our top time tip. If bedtime in your household is filled with distractions, this heads off making excuses later in the day. You’ll be pleased when it’s bedtime and you are already clean.

Clever Cleanser Combos

This list is a great starting point of combinations for your double cleanse adventures.

Want more recommendations on the best ways to cleanse? Get out guide on how to choose an Organic Makeup Remover based on your skin-type here 

Parts of this post were adapted from sections of The Nature of Beauty book by CONTENT founder Imelda Burke.

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