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dick moby sustainable sunglasses
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Dick Moby was established in 2012 after founders, Tim and Robbert, returned from a surfing trip where the sea and beaches were full of trash. They decided they wanted to tackle the issue of plastic pollution in their own way – by making Dick Moby sustainable sunglasses out of recycled or oil-free materials.

How can your choice of sunglasses help save the planet? Find out from Tim and Robbert below…

dick moby sunglasses

How do you source the innovative materials you use?

By asking a lot of questions to a lot of manufacturers and coming up with ideas of how to improve their processes. We also visit all our suppliers multiple times each year and try to meet with new suppliers as much as we can. The bio-based acetate (or bioplastic) we use is made from wood pulp and zero oil, and biodegrades in 115 days if you bury it in compost soil.

How can Dick Moby sustainable sunglasses help save the planet?

The sunglasses probably won’t, but the idea behind it does. Sustainability is about making a product, not marketing it. We need to accept the honest truth that the majority of people don’t want to sacrifice personal style or comfort for the sake of the planet. The only way to change human behaviour is to offer them something truly better. For themselves and the planet.

The funny thing is that people buy our eyewear because it makes them look better, but they tell their friends it’s because it’s good for the planet. And actually that’s totally fine because in the end everybody wins. The negative becomes the positive. That’s why we say “look good for your planet”.

What is the most astounding fact you’ve uncovered about the plastic industry?

The use of single-use plastic. It’s the industry standard to wrap every single frame in a single-use plastic ziplock bag to protect the frame during transport. We obviously don’t want that. Instead we use recycled PET microfibre pouches to wrap our frames, which also functions as a cleaning cloth and protective sleeve for the consumer.

What are your best tips for planet-friendly beach holidays?

The majority of sunscreen is very harmful to the coral reef so when you buy sunscreen look for reef-safe sunscreen. Bali and Sri Lanka are great obviously, but if you have beaches and surf in your own country, why not try a holiday closer to home?

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