Meet the Makers: Deadwood Recycled Leather Jackets

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Felix and Carl started Deadwood recycled leather jackets in 2012 as a natural progression from their vintage store in Stockholm, and a result of their love for pre-loved clothes and desire to contribute to a better world. Deadwood is a company based on principles of sustainability, integrity and loving rebellion. The vision is to create iconic lifestyle products with minimal harm to the planet, and a community of people inspired to live more conscious lives. Naturally, we had to ask them how they are doing this….

What inspired you to take the leap from vintage clothing store to launching your own brand of sustainable leathers?

The fact that the actual store itself didn’t make any money. No, just kidding! It was kind of a natural progression from selling vintage clothing. I always wanted us to sell vintage leather jackets but being a pretty skinny dude I had a hard time finding anything with the right fit. So using vintage leather as raw material to make leather jackets with an updated fit seemed like a pretty good idea at the time.

Felix, my best friend and Co-Founder, was also studying sustainability on the side and we would kinda sit in the store late at night, drinking wine and making plans to save the world one leather jacket at a time.

What advice would you give those new to the sustainable fashion movement?

You don’t have to go from full blown H&M shopper and carnivore to a militant vegan in a day. Start small. You can’t do everything. We as a brand can’t do everything. It’s the little things. A slow progression in a better direction. Also, talk with your local stores (clothing, groceries, you name it) about ethical practices. ASK questions! Be curious. You would be surprised to see how many business owners that are actually open to picking up and selling organic/good products.

Where does Deadwood source your recycled leathers from?

Our leather products are made from rescued deadstock skins, repurposed vintage clothing and upcycled post-production waste. That means for some of our production we actually chop up old leather garments that have reached their expiration date in terms of style and turn them into new beautiful jackets and accessories with a vintage soul. This not only gives the product a soft worn-in feel but also makes it a far more sustainable alternative to the average newly produced leather garment. Other times we use offcuts from the garment industry or rejected skins from the tanneries. An increased number of cut-lines in each garment enable us to use what otherwise would have gone to waste. And it adds character!

Call by the CONTENT store at 32-34 New Cavendish Street W1G 8UE or shop Deadwood Recycled Leather Jackets online | Read More: Meet the Maker of Aiayu Sustainable Luxury Wear (two-time winners of Ethical Brand of the Year)