#ContentKitchen Presents: What I’m Eating Now… Eve Kalinik

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As part of a new #ContentKitchen series, we’ll be chronicling the eating ethos and ‘day on a plate’ of our favourite nutritionists, personal trainers and wellness experts to provide our readers with insight and inspiration into how the leading pioneers in the industry stay nourished and balanced. To kick off the series this week we caught up with nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik to chat about her healthy foodie favourites…

Your eating ethos… Generally I would say that I have a predominantly plant based diet, no dairy or gluten and plenty of raw. I make sure to pack in omega 3 rich plant sources too.

Best way to breakfast… At the moment I love making sprouted raw porridge or berry smoothie bowls with a chia seed base. Since it’s fig season I’ve been topping with them!

Snack on-the-go… Usually I make a batch of spirulina bliss balls at the beginning of the week and pack a couple of those in my bag. If I’m on the hop then I really like the LoveRaw bars. I try not to snack though and pretty much stick to meal times but if I know it’s going to be a busy day then it’s always good to be prepared.

Drinking Diligently… I love the Four Sigma Reishi Tea, Joe’s tea new Queen of Green and if I’m out a matcha latte with almond milk is a nice pick me up. I always add algae’s like chlorella and spirulina to my water for extra hydration and nutritional benefits.

A little indulgence… It can vary to be honest but there is something seriously comforting about a really great chocolate. The Sacred Chocolate range is amazing!

Superfood you rate now… I have a few that I rotate with depending on what I think I need but right now I’m having a moment with maca as I feel I need the energy boost. I would say that spirulina and cacao both feature pretty regularly too.

Supplement non-negotiable… Curcumin (turmeric)

Favourite healthy dinner spot… One Lucky Duck in NYC is my all time favourite. But I also like Nama in Notting Hill. I have yet to try Noma in Copenhagen but my food delivery partner and awesome holistic chef, Sarah Sugden, said it was beyond incredible so that’s next on the list.