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We’re back with our second instalment of Content Skin School, a peek into what goes down behind the scenes at our organic beauty shop.

This week we look at one of the latest skin food ingredients on our radar. You may have noticed we are fans of fermented food as a way to get out daily probiotic! But while Kimchi and Kombucha have pride of place in our clean-eating kitchen, they can now be found as skin food in our beauty pantry as well.

Before you start requesting a takeout pot of spicy kimchi with your dinner to use as a natural beauty face mask when you get home – stop! Its skincare benefits are of the product preservation variety. This new natural skincare preservative, Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, originates from the lactic acid bacteria, Leuconostoc Kimchii. This bacteria naturally found in its namesake the Korean condiment, Kimchi,  is feed to radishes to create a peptide with anti-microbial qualities. Interestingly, its health protective properties peaked during Avian Flu outbreaks in Korea. Birds feed a side of Kimchi survived at a higher rate than those not eating it, as reported in the Washington Post.

As expected, some very clever natural beauty brands are now using the Radish Root Ferment Filtrate as the main preservative in their clean beauty products, replacing their synthetic counterparts. Some of our favourites are:

  • SKIN & TONIC Rose Mist is a clever combination of aloe vera, glycerin and rose water. We keep one on our desk and regularly mist our faces with it for an instant skin perk-me-up!
  • Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Essence is the latest addition to the Tata Harper range – a potent brightening essence to minimize pigmentation and target the appearance of dark spots.
  • Nuori is an innovative skincare brand hailing from Denmark, which prides itself on preserving the ‘freshness’ of its ingredients for maximum efficacy. One of their standout products – the Vital Foaming Cleanser
  • Live Native – If you like your skincare as raw as your food, try their Oleo-Active Moisturiser – suitable for all skin types, especially dry and mature.

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