CONTENT RITUAL: New Moon Ritual for January

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Want to start off 2016 with a bang? The great news is that the first New Moon of the year falls on January the 10th and in the lunar cycle, it’s known as the ideal time to cleanse from the old and opening up to the new. So, it’s a brilliant time to set your intentions for the month AND year to come! You can do so with a little help from wellbeing expert Jane Kersel. Get her January ritual below. All you’ll need is some alone time and an open mind…

Life rolls as you choose to look at it: either pragmatically – so in 3D meaning only what lies in front of your nose, seeing is believing and striving to control; or magically in 5D – what you can’t always see, knowing is believing and trusting to believe. Whichever path we choose gives us a certain outcome: one way thinks we can nail things static, the other knows so much of life is completely out of our control. What helps in both of these paths is to look for clues along the way and connect to things outside of ourselves to help us navigate, because what is certain is that there will always be uncertainty.

A beautiful ritual for January’s new Year is to connect to the journey of the moon as she travels around our milky way. When we tune into the Moon’s phases we tune into lunar energy: female, passive, intuitive, feeling and the tides not only in our seas, but also in our internal seas (we are made of some 80% liquid). New Moons are a blank page on which to speak our dreams out loud, while full moons are for taking action and harvestng.


January’s New Moon begins on the 10th January and this time around, it lives in the house of Capricorn. This is the house of personal authority and long range ambitions. Its influence asks us where we want to succeed, how to become an expert in our chosen field; and it gives us persistence and endurance to meet our goals. It’s a time to sow the seeds of new intentions, new habits, birth, a nurturing environment where our intentions can establish strong deep roots, before their beautiful shoots begin to reach to the stars.

THE RITUAL – A ritual is a symbolic gesture that backs up an intention. As we enter the New Moon phase we enter the unknown, the mysterious, the subconscious, so let’s dig deep and find out what we truly desire – the feeling state we want to cultivate throughout January and beyond. Light a candle to shine a light on your deepest desires and to teach your mind that it’s time for you to turn inwards for answers, not outwards. Meditate to quieten and settle the noise of your mind, so you can begin to find some peace for the new to come hold your vision in your mind’s eye before you go to bed. Make a note of any dreams you remember and notice where you attention goes. Watch for any synchronicity and hold the faith – your dreams may not turn up quite how you had imagined, because in that imagining we already limit ourselves.