Content Wellbeing Ritual: How To Boost Your Immune System

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In this week’s #ContentWellbeing, we revealed a few of our favourite natural immune boosters to strengthen, support and ward off infections and illnesses that commonly occur alongside the transitioning of the seasons. If you were inspired but aren’t quite sure how to fit all our tips and tricks into your day, we’ve taken out the guesswork with this week’s #ContentRitual revealing how we ensure our immune system is at its optimum throughout the cooler months.


  • Morning– If a session of morning immune boosting meditation is your thing,  get a little help from Lotus Wei’s Inspired Action. It will focus you for the tasks ahead.
  • Evening– To wind down from the day and prepare for a night of rest and repair try spending a few minutes each evening focusing on the breath (see our breathing ritual here). To help us unwind we love to spritz Lotus Wei’s Quiet Mind or Inner Peace Energy Mists. Both help lull you off to sleep.

Supplements – Each morning tailor your supplements for immune boosting by including a probiotic, Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplements and for those times when we need a little something extra we make sure to include Winter Wellness Propolis Herbal Elixir into our daily regime.

Beauty – This is one of our favourite beauty tips and as luck would have it. it also helps boost your immune system! Start our day with an invigorating body toning and immune boosting dry body brushing followed by a shower alternating between hot and cold water if possible. Trust us it works!

Food – This is an easy way to sneak immune boosting power into your day. Start by incorporating probiotic foods into meals of snacks. Sip on Kombucha or unpasteurised sauerkraut or sprouts to your salad or dinner. In the afternoon treat yourself to this energising medicinal hot chocolate or if coffee cravings kick in, a cup of our Content Coffee or Four Sigma Foods Chaga never fails to hit the spot. Right now we are also loving Radiance Cleanse’s organic ginger and turmeric Juice Shots for a potent dose of immune boosting vitamins when we’re on the go. Featuring a blend of ginger, fresh turmeric root, lemon and cayenne, this shot is as energising and gut-friendly as it is immune enhancing so get sipping!

Exercise – Fit it in! As much incidental exercise as possible (find out why short bursts of exercise are best here), however, if moving around during the day isn’t always an option, try a restorative Yoga or Pilates class after work. If it’s energy to get-up and go we’re lacking, we love incorporating Four Sigma Foods Cordyceps into our pre-workout regimen. This humble mushroom is great for boosting energy levels, improving performance and speeding up recovery.  Four Sigma Foods also produce an amazing blend of ‘Sport’ Herbs featuring Schisandra, Goji berries, Rhodiola and Eluethero to balance the nervous system whilst increases stamina and preventing exhaustion.

Home –We love to set the scene for a relaxing evening by dimming the lights, lighting a candle and burning some aromatherapeutic essential oils. Primavera Eucalyptus Oil  is great if you’re feeling congested and can either be used in a diffuser or inhaled directly to relieve the symptoms of coughs, colds, sore throats and sinusitis. Find out more about it here,

Sleep – Your immune system needs it. If you have trouble nodding off prepare a cup of Dr Jackson’s Relax Tea and apply Tata Harper’s Bedtime Treatment at the 3 pulse points: inside of wrists, behind the ears and on each side of the throat to imbue a deep sense of relaxation. For a quick fix we also love soaking in a bath with Therapie Roques O’Neil’s immune boosting Himalayan Detox Salts to relax sore muscles and bring on a restorative deep sleep.