Meet the Maker: Q & A with Natural Perfumer Hiram Green

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With our love for all things aroma, we are excited to have an exclusive interview with natural perfumer, Hiram Green. Always passionate about the world of fragrance, after discovering the highly synthetic nature of mainstream perfumes, natural perfumer Hiram Green set out to create fragrances entirely formulated with natural ingredients. Beginning his career in London before relocating to the Netherlands where he currently resides, Green develops and produces natural fragrances in small batches, enabling for an unsurpassed attention to detail and a luxurious exclusivity which makes his products stand out from the sea of mainstream perfumes currently on the market. We asked Hiram a few questions about his love of botanical perfume:

What was the catalyst that ignited your passion for natural fragrance?

I have always had a passion for fragrance. After founding Scent Systems, a perfumery located in central London, I learned that most perfumes, even the ‘best quality’ ones, are manufactured using synthetic materials. Wanting to offer a natural alternative to my customers, I was hard-pressed to find anything suitable. Convinced that there was a market for entirely natural perfumery, I closed Scent Systems and began learning how to blend fragrance materials together in order to make perfumes.

How do natural fragrances differ from mainstream products in terms of scent, texture, quality and staying-power?

I feel that one should not have to make certain allowances because a perfume is entirely natural. However, I would not say that Moon Bloom smells ‘mainstream’. It is handcrafted using only the best quality natural ingredients.  These are not mainstream production methods or ingredients, and it is these characteristics that make Moon Bloom smell out of the ordinary.

What are your favourite natural ingredients to use?

I enjoy working with natural ingredients but find myself most commonly drawn to lush floral ingredients.

Describe the process of creating a scent – from initial inspiration through to the final product.

I do not have a strict process for creating a perfume. I will get an idea. This could come from anywhere, for example listening to music or walking or riding my bike through the countryside. I then start mixing various fragrant materials together based on my initial idea and see what path it leads me on. The final perfume could end up smelling very different from my original inspiration.

Some believe that creating perfume is akin to creating a work of art rather than a product — what inspired the creation of Moon Bloom?

My initial inspiration for Moon Bloom was to create a perfume that smelled like the life-cycle of a flower from before to after bloom — in this case, the smell of the tuberose.

Who do you envision the Moon Bloom wearer to be?

I did not have a particular wearer in mind when I created the scent, however the fragrance has often been described as graceful and romantic.  I certainly agree.

How would you describe its smell?

It smells like the flower tuberose. Maybe I should also add that tuberose is not a rose at all. It is a white flower, like jasmine or gardenia. Tuberose tends to have a warmer and softer quality, a bit like coconut and amber mixed with jasmine.

What is your all time favourite scent?

Off the top of my head I would say the scent of rose. It is pretty much all encompassing.