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Get excited #greenbeauties, what we’re about to tell you is a secret we’ve been keeping hidden in the back of our beauty cabinets for a while now. Passionate about revealing what we believe to be the best of Britain, we’ve created The Great British Beauty Collection making it even easier for you to #shoplocal for your skincare as you do for your #skinfood at the local farmers market.  Why? For two reasons…

Firstly, we are passionate about supporting local initiatives, not only from a sustainable perspective but for the element of traceability that shopping local allows for.  If you are a farmers market regular like us, you’ll understand the relevance of getting to know the grower just as well as their produce. As an increasing number of people become aware of what they are putting into their bodies, it only makes sense to apply the same amount of consideration to what we are putting onto our largest organ – the skin. We think shopping for your skincare can be the same local experience, and through our Great British Beauty Collection will continue to connect you with UK skincare ‘growers’ and ‘makers’ alongside our international favourites.

Secondly, we think the notion of what is considered ‘luxury’ in the beauty industry needs to be redefined. For us, the term luxury is applicable when a product is created from a meticulous attention to detail, design and craftsmanship – often lovingly handmade. This creative combination is at the heart of what makes couture clothing and bespoke jewellery so coveted. However, when it comes to shopping for luxury beauty products, we often only have the choice of mass-produced brands from global companies. We think it’s time for a new definition – handmade,  small batch skincare is the true luxury sector within the beauty industry.


Seed To Skin – A brand whose heart lies in the ancient art of apothecary, Amanda Saurin, the local gatherer, distiller and maker of the AS.AP range formulates natural scents, creams, essential oils and balms that she lovingly cultivates herself from seed to bottle.  The unique journey that each product within the AS.AP range is treated to supports Amanda’s belief in the potent healing powers that plants can offer, one that is hard to find in the beauty industry today. Read the interview.

  • Try this: Cleansing Oil designed to deeply cleanse the skin and refresh the soul through a blend of nourishing, conditioning and brightening oils – use with the Hand Crocheted Cleansing Cloth to create a relaxing at-home daily ritual.

Culturally Connected – Liha Okunniwa & Abi Oyepitan have developed a range of body essentials inspired by their own ancestral heritage. The Liha range blend rural African roots with an urban quintessentially British attitude. Read the interview.

  • Try This: The Idan Oil. Utilising the traditional African process of enfleurage, this richly moisturising blend of cold-pressed coconut oil is more than just a body oil. We have been using it as a perfume due to its intoxicating nuances of the night-blooming tuberose.

Labour of London – Blended in the heart of East London is Skin & Tonic, a brand whose roots lie in favour of an understated minimalism evident in the maximum of seven ingredients each product contains. This range features an array of certified organic ingredients from UK growers. Read the Interview.

  • Try This: Brit Beauty Oil – Blended from omega rich oils of  Borage, Thistle, Chia Seed and Marshmallow Root that have come straight out of the beautiful British countryside!

Haircare From Here Frustrated with the sulphate a silicone based curl products available that strip away moisture and weigh down curls, founder of our first Great British haircare range Boucleme, made it her mission to empower fellow curly heads by developing a range of products to lift the ‘curse of curls’ she battled for the majority of her life. The range features a 3 step method that cleanses, moisturises and defines based on curl type. Read the Interview.

  • Try This: The Curl Cleanser – a unique zero foam cleanser featuring a special blend of argan, honey, virgin coconut oil, aloe vera, linseed and pomegranate extracts to nourish the hair and clean the scalp without foaming. Think of it like using a cream cleanser instead of a foaming face wash!

East End Edition: Hand-crafted using only the finest natural ingredients, Edition Perfumes are based in the creative heart of East London. Weaving together the best natural ingredients into a bottle encased in art work reflective of what the particular scent ‘narrative’ provokes, we love the first scent of the series – a must-have for Winter.  Read the interview.

  • Try this: Edition Perfumes debut fragrance She Came to Stay has been inspired by the classic tale written by Simone De Beauvoir that examines human relationships in all their guises and is reflected in both the fragrance itself and the  limited addition art works that appear on each box.